Dinosaur Week: Day 5 – Crafty Little Thing: Fizzing Dinosaur Egg-scavation!

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As I said at the start of my Dino week, which I am doing in collaboration with Stickerscape and Kali Stileman, my kids are obsessed with all things Dino.

The release of Jurassic World was a huge igniter for my eldest who must’ve watched said film about 40 times by now.


When I was thinking of Dinosaur related crafts to do, I thought about a super craft for bath fizzes I saw over on one of my favourite blogs, Craft Invaders.

I thought to myself, maybe I could do a take on this but instead of for use in the bath, the kids could make their fizzes into Dinosaur eggs and then EGG-scavate the dinosaurs inside (see what I did there? Sorry…) using some Vinegar and digging tools.

These would be a fab craft idea for schools, pre-schools, childminders, kids bored during the school holidays or even as a birthday party activity!

So, here is what we came up with!


It was a most EGG-scellent adventure!

(Sorry, I will stop with the egg jokes now).


(makes 2 bath fizzes)

50g Bicarbonate of Soda

Some green food colouring, gel colouring is best.

Water – approximately 60ml but you may need more or less depending on how much colouring you put in/how wet/dry the mixture is.

2 small toy dinosaurs to hide inside the eggs

250ml White vinegar

A pair of rubber gloves

A plate or chopping board covered in cling film

A couple of old medicine syringes, like what you get in Nurofen or Calpol.

A couple of old Ice cream/plastic tubs

Some digging tools such as blunt dinner knives, or a knife from pumpkin carving set, this worked really well for us!

(If you’re making more eggs, just double/triple the ingredients and you’ll also need more toy dino’s to hide too)


1 – Place the Bicarbonate of Soda and green food colouring in a glass bowl and mix.


2 – Add some water, a little at a time and mix until the mixture begins coming together.


(DON’T ADD TOO MUCH WATER or the mixture will become too wet and won’t stick together. You want it wet enough to come together, but not so wet it won’t form a ball)

3 – Once the mixture begins sticking together, it is ready to begin shaping it around your toy dinosaur.

4 – Put your rubber gloves on.

5 – Place some of the mixture in the palm of your hand and flatten it a bit.


6 – Place the toy dinosaur in the middle of the flattened mixture.

7 – Take some more mixture and begin covering the toy dinosaur with it. Squish and squeeze the mixture around the dinosaur to cover it and make an egg shape.

8 – Place on a plate, or on a board covered in some cling film (to stop it getting dyed green) and repeat the process for your next egg.

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9 – Once the eggs are complete, leave in a cool, dry place to completely dry out. This drying out process will take a few hours, and a minimum of 12, so it’s best to make them and leave them overnight. Once dried, transfer to an old ice cream tub for storage. They should keep for a long while in here.

10 – Once your eggs have dried out and you’re ready to use them, place one egg per child in a plastic container, an old ice cream container is perfect and find a suitable area (like the garden!) to hatch your eggs.

11 – Give each child an old nurofen/calpol syringe and let them suck up some of the white wine vinegar into it.


12 – Then, squirt the vinegar onto the dinosaur eggs and watch them fizz away! The more vinegar you use, the quicker the dinosaur will be revealed. Encourage your child to use their digging tools as well as squirting vinegar.

13 – Once the toy dinosaur has been revealed, dispose of the remaining egg mixture and clean the dinosaur up ready for them to play with.

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Happy Egg-scavations Dino hunters!

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 Disclosure: I was sent some Wall Stickers to review by Stickerscape. All words, thoughts, ideas, opinions and photos are my own.

Dinosaur Week! Day 3 – Crafty Little Thing: Edible Dinosaur Eggs!

“Eat your Greens!”

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…that’s what my Nan always used to say. And my mum. But did I listen as a kid?

Nope. But I think I might have found something green that the kids will like to eat…and for once it isn’t a load of green m&m’s! Win!

I was a real fuss-pot eater as a child and now I am a mum, I can’t help but feel karma has back back around to bite me on the posterior.

My boys, all 3 of them, are quite fussy. The eldest is coming out the other side of it now, thankfully, and the middle one is still fussy but ate dried, edible worms the other night at dinner so I can only assume he is beginning to see the light too! (Yes really, he did. You can read more about that here).

As part of my Dinosaur Week (in association with Stickerscape and Kali Stileman), I am going to show you all how to make eggs (a brilliant, nutritionally packed food) more ‘kid friendly’. To us adults, they probably look pretty gross but, trust me on this one, to a fussy 6 year old, the thought of eating these was so cool he tried them for the first time without a quibble.


So, here is my edible craft activity for Dinosaur Eggs! Perfect for picnics, school crafts, lunchboxes and birthday parties!


You will need…

As many eggs as you wish to cook

(I only did 2 because only my two older ones would eat these)

A saucepan

Some water

Some Green food colouring

(I used Gel colouring as the colour is more vivid but liquid colouring would also work)

How to do it…

1 – Place your eggs in a saucepan.

 2 – Fill the pan with water until the water is 1 cm above the top of the eggs.

3 – Place on the hob and bring the water to the boil.

4 – Once boiling, turn down to a gentle simmer and cook for 7 minutes. This will give you a hard boiled egg.

5 – Once cooked, remove from the hob and run the eggs immediately under cold water to stop them cooking any further.

6 – Once cooled, gently crack the shell on the eggs BUT DO NOT BREAK THE SHELL OR PEEL IT OFF!! You just want to cause cracks on the eggs surface. Squeezing the cracked egg gently in your hand will help loosen the cracks a bit more.

7 – Now place your eggs back in the saucepan and fill with cold water, up to 1 cm above the eggs again.

8 – Add your green food colouring to the water and gently stir until all the water is green.

9 – Leave the eggs to sit in the green water for 6 minutes.

10 – Remove from the water and peel the shell off the egg.

11 – Gently dab dry the eggs with some kitchen towel and place in a container ready to eat!

And there you have it!

Edible Dinosaur Eggs, fit for any packed lunch or birthday party!

if you have a go at these Dino eggs, do let me know over on my Facebook page or by tagging me on Instagram, @lifeisknutts

Now, off you go! Get cracking!


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Disclosure; This post is part of my Dinosaur Week with Stickerscape and Kali Stileman. I was sent some Wall Stickers to review. All words, thoughts, opinions and ideas are my own.

Northumberland Holiday: Day 2 (and Britmums Daily Photo Challenge: Day 27 – Easter)

Morning broke on day 2 of our Northumberland Holiday and we woke up to…..blue skies!!!!! Yes, sunshine!

I thought I had more of a chance of waking up to find the news that Donald Trump had been uncovered as a Robot who was severely malfunctioning and had been sent for a reboot as soon as possible…

Amazingly the toddler and the middle one weren’t up at the crack of a sparrows fart and slept in until 6:45am. I hope all of your munchkins weren’t bouncing about like Easter rabbits too early either! The eldest one is still very much man down with flu and apart from a little wander down to the beach whilst riding a calpol high, he’s been in bed being sick. Whatever form of flu he has, it’s a nasty one and looking like it’ll be a few more days until he even looks at his Easter eggs. Bless his heart.

The other two were straight into the living room to have a look at what the evil ‘Easter bunny’ (aka, mum and dad) had bought. Luckily for me they were happy with their little haul and munched on an egg of choice before breakfast – standard Easter procedure.

After eating the ears off a kinder bunny and smashing open a kinder egg just to get the crap toy out of it (yes, thank you for that crazy YouTube kinder egg lady!!!) we had some breakfast and kitted ourselves up for another walk down to the beach so Luke, my eldest, could have a look because he didn’t see it yesterday (the wonders of calpol…he was literally all better, ate half a bacon sarnie and walked 3/4 of a mile to the beach because he demanded to get outside, then on the way back, he crashed and burned bless his heart. It’s so rubbish when they’re poorly. You’d do anything to make them better and take the illness off them yourself….)

The walk to the beach was much more pleasant than yesterday and the sun was shining down on the sea. Unfortunately, once down on the beach, the wind felt like it was at storm force 11 and it was whipping the sand into us at a rate of knotts. Free Skin exfoliation, yes, but also very painful! 😂🙈

We tried to fly our kite but the wind was so strong it just kept making the thing stack it at speed into the sand so we gave up, drew some pictures in the sand and then had a walk along the edge of the sea to watch the waves.

On the walk back, the toddler was over the moon to see the cows in the field and meowed at them to bid them good day as usual (everything is meowing at the moment – even whilst he’s asleep he meows….better than his usual favourite thing to shout which is ‘Willy!’)

The rest of the day has been spent cooking a roast dinner, playing nurse to my eldest and reading some of the books off the cottage bookshelf….I came across this gem earlier. It’s an annual from 1979 for girls called, Princess Tina, and is full of useful articles for girls ‘coming of age’ such as:

  1. How to make an apron out of an old dress – you know, for when they resign themselves to a life of cleaning and pleasing a man by cooking him dinner and being a dutiful housewife.
  2. How to draw a tree – sketching is the most suitable activity for a young woman as sport is frowned upon and would cause you to ‘glow’ too much.
  3. The story of the Jungle Book and another of a cartoon mermaid – because anything else like science and natures are apparently too far beyond the realms of female understanding.

Gotta love the sexism of the 1970’s…..

Oh, and to top it off, the pin up boy in the Centre of the annual was, wait for it….

Prince Charles! 😂🙈 – he looked so suarve! 😉🙈👑💋

Hopefully, I’ll wake tomorrow and Luke will be feeling better, the sun will be shining and I might manage to eat an Easter egg (I’ve not had even one today because I’ve been preoccupied with helping my eldest) and nor have I had any gin. Today is a bad day….onwards and upwards as they say.x


My Lukey reading a book off the bookshelf about Greek Mythology…one of the only times he felt well enough to do something other than sleep…

And finally….

My photo for my Britmums daily photo challenge today: The word was – Easter.

I took a creme egg out for a walk to the beach (as you do when you don’t have a dog…) but I couldn’t eat it because the sand flying about would’ve stuck to it and added extra roughage and calories so he lived to see another day.

Here is Mr Creme Egg having  lie down on the beach. He said it was really Eggcellent and that the severe wind situation was no yolk…. (Sorry!!) 😉😂🐰

Online food shop…

When online food shopping goes wrong…
You end up with 33 eggs and 40 potatoes.
Never mind.
Importantly the alcohol all arrived…