Deer with a Beer: Day 4

Sunday. The day of rest.

Unless you’re a parent of small children that is.

Why oh why did the toddler have to wake up at 6:30am this morning and smack my face until I got up to make him juice?!

Minature demon.

In other news, we got our Christmas tree today.


The Children helped decorate it. It was as much fun as sitting on a thorn bush in your birthday suit.

Pass the Gin.

Here is day 4 of Deer with a Beer.


Deer with a Beer: Day 3

We are now three days into advent.

The toddler is apparently twelve days in according to the number of chocolates he has snaffled out of his calendar.

I’ve literally given up.

Utter chaos.

To add to the chaos, here is day 3 of Deer with a Beer for you all.


Deer with a Beer: Day 2

The second day of December, and the second morning I have spent explaining to the toddler how the chuffing advent calendar works.

He just doesn’t get it.

“More choc choc now Mummy!” he yells.

“You can only have one a day poppet, sorry. Would you like to choose a different one out of the chocolate tub to have later instead?” I ask.

“No!!! Me want that one!!!!!!!!!”

Shit a brick.

December could be looooooong.

Anywhodlums, what has that naughty Deer with a Beer been up to today I wonder?

Click here to find out and read Day 2!


Deer with a Beer: Day 1

How is it December 1st today?!

How I ask thee?!

I hope your younglings enjoy opening the first door on their advent calendars today…

(“Why can we only open one door each day?!”)

…and that you all have a wonderful run-up to the big day!

To help you guys make it to Christmas day without loosing the will to live, I have devised a little story.

I wrote the story last Christmas but I only had 2 readers then (thanks mum & dad!) so I’m sharing it again!


(Sorry in advance…)

It’s a take on the Elf on the Shelf but I called my version, Deer with a Beer. See what I did there?!

So, tune in each day between now and Christmas Day for a new addition to the tale. I promise it’s (kind of, maybe, probably not) funny.

Click here to read Day 1!

Deer with a Beer: Day 24

And so we have come to the end of our tale, of how a Deer became addicted to ale, 
we have laughed, we have cried (we have all lost interest) but the one thing I think sums this tale up the best,
is to remind you all what’s important this time of year, not presents or chocolate or vodka or beer,
but being with loved ones, friends and family, as Christmas is a time for sharing you see,
enjoying the moments, making memories new (and maybe having a little Gin too)
So here’s to you all, the sober and drunk, the ones who are partying, shaking their junk,
Have a very merry Christmas, and a happy new year, and remember the tale of The Deer with a Beer…
Here’s the last installment of Deer with a Beer, 2015.
Rudolph and Ruby and a family once more, Big Brown Bear is finally cured of his alcohol addiction and hopefully Santa has loaded that sleigh up ready for his busy night tonight (and left Lap Land – he was there again last night the dirty wotsit asking all he girls to sit on his knee…)
So, without further ado, everyone loves a montage, so here you go…
(Click link to view video)