a beets blu heartrate monitor chest strap

Run, Forrest, run!



I need to do more of it, but I also need more hours in the day.

I was trying to get back to playing hockey on a Saturday, but with Mr Knutts working such long/sporadic hours and the kids busy lives, I can’t get to training which is disruptive to the team and I don’t feel like I am at my best unless I am training, so this is probably going to be canned for the time being.

All is not lost though. The toddler has recently started preschool which gives me 2.5 precious hours (by the time I get home from dropping him off) three mornings a week to do ‘stuff’. Before he started preschool,  I had every intention of getting on the treadmill in the garage for half an hour when I get in on those days and then cracking on with my chores. 6 weeks in…I’ve only managed that 6 times. Pitiful eh?!

I have good intentions, I really do, but life happens. I have errands to run, I have things to write, I have housework to do, things crop up. It is easy to make excuses, I know, but I really am trying. Promise…


The other week, the people at Beets Blu messaged me and asked if I would like to review one of their Heart rate monitors. It was like a sign from the exercise gods, telling me to get off my shapely (ahem) backside and do something, so I said yes please and decided to use it as something to spur me on to do some exercise and, amazingly, it has worked you know! These last 2 weeks I have managed 2 runs on the treadmill per week, so 4 runs in total and I actually do feel better for doing something. I also don’t feel as guilty about scoffing a wedge of cake if I have done a smidge of exercise. Win!

a beets blu heart rate monitor chest strap

A heart rate monitor is a really good way of accurately tracking your fitness progress.

The Beets Blu monitor is wireless and works by connecting to your phone/iPad via Blutooth. It’s worn as a chest strap, which I know isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, but I think it gives you a pretty accurate readout when exercising over a wrist one.

The monitor came in a slim box and consisted of a Heart Monitor/Battery Compartment, a chest strap and a user manual. The instructions were very clear and you can basically use the monitor with any of your favourite fitness apps. I use MapMyRun. After connecting the Heart Monitor to the chest strap, using the 2 button like clips, I then connected it to my phone using Blutooth. This was really simple and easy to do and my phone picked it up no problem.


The instructions said you may need to dampen the conducting pads on the chest strap to get it to find a read-out so I did this and then put it on. You can adjust the chest strap to fit you by sliding a clip on the side, like you would on a rucksack strap.

I was then ready to exercise. It’s really that simple!

Now for the hard part. Actually exercising.


I ran for 30 minutes on the treadmill on an interval session (so I changed my speed as I ran) and left the monitor on to do it’s thing. I didn’t notice it on to be honest, Being a woman, I did think the fact it was worn as a chest strap would be awkward with a sports bra on but actually, it sat just below it and I hardly knew it was there once I was sweating profusely (and stifling a few swears because I thought I had been running for 15 minutes and apparently I was only 6 minutes in. Nightmare).

Once I had finished my workout, I sat down and had a look at the read out from the monitor on my fitness app. From what I could tell, the monitor had picked up my Heart rate really well and showed how much I had pushed myself, as well as allowing the app to break down how many calories I had burned, etc. Sadly, even after a 30 minute run, I had only burnt off enough calories to allow me half a Mars Bar and an apple, but still, it’s better than nothing isn’t it…

I also used it when I played a hockey match the other week and I had the same accurate results then too.

Then, at the weekend, Mr Knutts stole it (and sweated all over it, bleugh!) so he could use it on a bike ride. He was really impressed with its accuracy and said he also preferred it over a wrist one for exercise purposes.

For me, if I was just tracking day to day steps, a monitor on the wrist would be more preferable because I don’t like the thought of having this chest strap on all day (a bra is uncomfortable enough thanks!) but for exercise purposes, this ‘on the chest’ type of monitor is preferable for me.

If you’re looking for a stocking filler for that fitness fanatic you know (nope, that’s not me) or if you want to try one for yourself, you can find the Beets Blu Heart Rate Monitor by using this link. It retails at approximately £29.95 on Amazon.

 Do you use a heart rate monitor when exercising?

If so, which one?

(Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to collapse on the sofa. All this talk of exercise has completely exhausted me. Zzzzzzzz)

Disclosure: I was sent a Beets Blu heart Rate monitor for the purpose of this review. All words, thoughts, photos and opinions are my own.