I’ve no idea where the year is going already.

It seems like it was only Christmas a couple of weeks ago, and now it’s (almost) March. Not that it feels like it thanks to the ‘Beast from the East’! Come on Spring, let’s be having you!

Easter is zooming it’s way towards us (I have to say, this is one of my favourite holidays of the year, purely due to the fact there are Crème Eggs in the shops (yes, I know they’ve got smaller – so now I eat two in one go #noshame – but I still love them) and it is acceptable to eat Chocolate for breakfast once again.

Mothers Day 2018, UK: Sunday 11th March

Now it’s nearly March, Mothers Day is just around the corner and in order to get ready for it, I have very kindly been given the chance to buy a couple of Mothers Day gifts for my lovely mum, courtesy of Debenhams. I was gifted an £80 voucher to use on their Mother Day gift selections – a legitimate excuse to shop, guilt free! What a treat!

I love buying gifts for other people – I genuinely get so much joy from watching friends and loved ones open them…

Gift voucher for debenhams

“Motherhood is Unselfishness”.

I feel so lucky to have my mum here still.

My family

Mothers Day can be a very tricky time of year for lots of people. Many people no longer have their mum, some people find the day hard because they long to be a mum but things haven’t worked out that way. Life, it’s safe to say, can be a bit of a jerk at times.

With that in mind, I am going to try and make Mothers Day a celebration of being thankful in our house, yep, even the annoying bits like the kids making a mess everywhere and my husband leaving his sweaty-bum cycling kit on the bathroom floor.

I said try…I’m not going to promise anything.

S.H.O.P.P.I.N.G – We’re shopping!

We have a Debenhams store local to us and I will normally pop in there every few weeks when the kids are being compliant and aren’t having a meltdown about having to go shopping. I have to admit that a lot of my shopping is done online these days because of that very fact, as well as often being too busy to go into town.

The Debenhams homepage currently has a convenient link on it that will whisk you off in the direction of some lovely Mothers Day gifts and ideas; I had a browse around it myself last week looking for some inspiration for my mum. There is something for everyone on there; perfume, beauty products, knitwear, food hampers, watches, jewellery; you name it they probably have it! And, if you can’t find something to buy them, you could always get them a Debenhams gift voucher so they can go out and treat themselves at their leisure.

I asked my mum a couple of weeks ago if there was anything she would like for Mothers Day and, in typical mum fashion, she said, “nope”. I could have bet £1000 that this is the response she would give. Like a lot of mums, my mum is completely and utterly selfless and her response when I said that no wasn’t an option was, “well why don’t you use half on yourself and half on me?”

Erm, still no mother, it’s for you!!

The lack of ideas given by mum meant I had free reign which is both brilliant and mind boggling in equal measure…

She isn’t really into handbags, she isn’t particularly into makeup but will dabble a little now and again, she likes to go out and enjoy herself with friends and family and I am glad to say she looks after herself a bit better now and will get her nails and hair done if something nice is coming up – and rightly so, she does so much for us all that she really deserves some self-care and pampering. With that in mind, I decided to get my mum a BareMinerals ‘Get Started’ complexion starter kit (she always says she looks tired and pale so hopefully she can make herself feel a little more happy and confident by using this) and I also got her a really nice room diffuser by Butterfly by Matthew Williamson, which will look great in her newly decorated living room…that the grandchildren are (thankfully) yet to destroy.

I am sure that my mum will love her gifts from Debenhams. I also plan to pop to the shops and get her a nice bottle of Fizz, which she can enjoy all to herself, and a spring flower planter – me and my mum love Spring flowers and my Nan’s favourite flowers were Daffodils. I love having them in the house this time of year to remind me of her.

As well as being sent an £80 voucher to spend on my mum, I was also very kindly gifted a Smartbox Afternoon tea gift experience box for two. The Smartbox contains a voucher, which is redeemable at lots of different venues across the country, and entitles the recipient to a wonderful Afternoon tea experience, along with a friend. I plan to take my mum up to London for the day once the weather is a bit nicer (there are lots of super venues you can redeem your voucher at there, as well as all over the UK) and we can both enjoy our Afternoon tea together and, hopefully, do a spot of retail therapy, just the two of us – which rarely happens these days. She doesn’t know about this yet so I will present her with the voucher on Mothers Day along side all her other lovely gifts – I can hazard a guess this will be the highlight present for her, she really loves going for afternoon tea!

These gift experience vouchers are a brilliant idea for loved ones who don’t want ‘stuff’ and would rather have a nice day out or an experience instead.

“Things come and go, but memories can last a lifetime”.

Whatever you’re up to this Mothers Day, and whoever you’re spending it with, I hope you all have a lovely day and I am sending all my love to those who aren’t looking forward to it quite so much. May your day be filled with love…and hopefully a bit of booze too!

Disclosure: I was gifted an £80 Debenhams voucher and an Afternoon Tea gift experience in return for this review. All words, thoughts and opinions are my own.