Pick your Poison: Lucky Charm Milkshake Cocktail

Something for the weekend maybe?

I am in my thirties and until this week, I had never eaten Lucky Charms. Boxes of this beloved American cereal cost a lot over here in the U.K (often £6/£7 per box!) so when I saw they were on offer whilst out and about last week, I thought I would treat the kids (ok, and myself) to some. I know they’re full of sugar, and lord knows what else, but as a treat? Why not I say. It’s not like they’re going to be eating them every morning.

A little of what you fancy does you good, right?!

Anyhow, after tasting them and seeing them floating about in my milk, I thought, wouldn’t they make a lovely addition to the top of a milkshake! So I got creative. Here is the result.

You can make it alcoholic by adding in 50ml of Vanilla vodka or make it kid/pregnancy/breastfeeding friendly by leaving that out and adding in a dash of vanilla essence instead.

A complete treat, and not something to have too often unless you want type 2 diabetes, but absolutely worth a taste!

(My kids shared a non-alcoholic one between the 3 of them – just throw 3 straws in the jar and let them at it – just as a guide).

 Lucky charm milkshake cocktail recipe

Pick your Poison: Malteser, Chocolate Brownie & Sprinkle Doughnut Freakshake!

Pick your Poison:

Malteser, Chocolate Brownie & Sprinkle Doughnut Freakshake!

A chocolate milkshake with sprinkles, maltesers, cream and a sprinkle chocolate doughnut!

“Damn right, it’s better than yours, I can teach you, but I have to charge…”

I’m sorry, but it’s impossible to write about Milkshakes without singing Kelis’s song whilst dancing around the kitchen with some sprinkles as a percussive shaker…

 I love milkshakes. And cake. Put the two together in a slightly gluttonous, bonkers fashions and what do you have?!

A Freakshake! That’s what!

I’ve never had, nor made, one of these bad boys before, but they looked too good to miss out on so I thought I’d give it a go!

You can make this Alcoholic or non-alcoholic, depending on your mood, or depending on if it is being made for kids or grown ups. The choice is yours!

The basic premise of a Freakshake seems to be that it is a cake and a drink served together, in one, giant, calorie laden, glass. What’s not to love?!

Here’s the recipe for this crazy concoction…feel free to share it about! They’d make the perfect pudding for a BBQ; easy to make and certainly one to get people talking!


(To make 2 Jam Jars of Milkshake)

225g Chocolate Brownies broken into pieces (ready made is perfect)

300ml milk

2 tablespoons of Malteser Spread (If you can’t get this, just use chocolate spread)

350ml Chocolate Ice Cream

16 Maltesers

2 Doughnuts (I used chocolate sprinkle doughnuts for this recipe)

Squirty Cream (Aerosol Can cream)

Sprinkles (100’s and Thousand’s are best – balls or strands)

*If making an alcoholic one, you will also need 50ml Baileys & 50ml Vanilla Vodka*

Enlight1 (9)


1 – Place the Brownie pieces, malteser chocolate spread, milk and ice cream into a blender*.

*If you are making an alcoholic version, add the 50ml Baileys & 50ml Vanilla Vodka in at this point!*

2 – Blend for 2 minutes until all the ingredients have combined together.

3 –  Spread some more chocolate spread around the rim of your jam jar/glass and then dip the rim in some of the sprinkles to coat it around the edge.

4 – Fill the jam jar/glass with the chocolate milkshake mixture until just below the rim.

5 – Pop 4 Maltesers in the top of the glass.

6 – Add some squirty cream until it is just coming over the top of the jam jar/glass.

7 – Place your doughnut on the top of the cream.

8 – Add a little more squirty cream into the middle of the ring of the doughnut to fill in the hole.

9 – Add 3 Maltesers to the top to decorate and use the remaining sprinkles on the top of the cream too.

10 – Stick in a long straw, grab yourself a long handled spoon, set the drink on top of a plate/saucer and dig in!

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 If you have a go, feel free to share your photos with me over on my Facebook page or over on Instagram by tagging me @lifeisknutts.

Go on Knutters, get your Freak on!