Apple Bobbing Challenge (with Pink Lady Apples)

An apple a day keeps the vampire away…

Well, that’s what I’ve been telling my kids in the run up to Halloween 😉

As the day itself is now only one spooky sleep away, we decided to have a go at an old Halloween/Autumn favourite – Apple Bobbing! We were sent some crispy, sweet and delicious (oh, and perfectly child sized!) Pink Lady apples along with some equipment to do it. All I needed was a couple of plonkers to partake in the fun…luckily in our house, I didn’t have to look very far 😉

So, without further ado, here is our Apple bobbing challenge, in association with Pink Lady Apples.

The equipment you need to do to have a go at this yourselves is:

– Pink Lady Apples (perfect for small jaws!)

– A washing up bowl half filled with water

– Some swimming goggles

– A stop watch

And the rules are:

 – Pop the apples in the washing up bowl of water and place it on a table

– Get your first willing participant to don the goggles

– Set the timer for 30 seconds

– Give them a 3 second countdown and then start the stop watch which then gives them 30 seconds to grab as many apples as they can in 30 seconds using only their gnashers. Keep those hands behind your back!

– The winner is the person who bobs the most apples in 30 seconds.

As you can see, my little monsters need a bit more practice with their bobbing skills after only getting one apple each…but they did get to scoff the apple once they’d finished so it wasn’t all bad.

As a special spooky treat, why not melt some white chocolate, and make some skeleton face apples on a stick?!

Image result for chocolate halloween apple

These ones are by Wonky Wonderful Blog and you can find the recipe on her blog, here!

Have a spooktacular Halloween Knutters!

Pick your Poison: Malteser, Chocolate Brownie & Sprinkle Doughnut Freakshake!

Pick your Poison:

Malteser, Chocolate Brownie & Sprinkle Doughnut Freakshake!

A chocolate milkshake with sprinkles, maltesers, cream and a sprinkle chocolate doughnut!

“Damn right, it’s better than yours, I can teach you, but I have to charge…”

I’m sorry, but it’s impossible to write about Milkshakes without singing Kelis’s song whilst dancing around the kitchen with some sprinkles as a percussive shaker…

 I love milkshakes. And cake. Put the two together in a slightly gluttonous, bonkers fashions and what do you have?!

A Freakshake! That’s what!

I’ve never had, nor made, one of these bad boys before, but they looked too good to miss out on so I thought I’d give it a go!

You can make this Alcoholic or non-alcoholic, depending on your mood, or depending on if it is being made for kids or grown ups. The choice is yours!

The basic premise of a Freakshake seems to be that it is a cake and a drink served together, in one, giant, calorie laden, glass. What’s not to love?!

Here’s the recipe for this crazy concoction…feel free to share it about! They’d make the perfect pudding for a BBQ; easy to make and certainly one to get people talking!


(To make 2 Jam Jars of Milkshake)

225g Chocolate Brownies broken into pieces (ready made is perfect)

300ml milk

2 tablespoons of Malteser Spread (If you can’t get this, just use chocolate spread)

350ml Chocolate Ice Cream

16 Maltesers

2 Doughnuts (I used chocolate sprinkle doughnuts for this recipe)

Squirty Cream (Aerosol Can cream)

Sprinkles (100’s and Thousand’s are best – balls or strands)

*If making an alcoholic one, you will also need 50ml Baileys & 50ml Vanilla Vodka*

Enlight1 (9)


1 – Place the Brownie pieces, malteser chocolate spread, milk and ice cream into a blender*.

*If you are making an alcoholic version, add the 50ml Baileys & 50ml Vanilla Vodka in at this point!*

2 – Blend for 2 minutes until all the ingredients have combined together.

3 –  Spread some more chocolate spread around the rim of your jam jar/glass and then dip the rim in some of the sprinkles to coat it around the edge.

4 – Fill the jam jar/glass with the chocolate milkshake mixture until just below the rim.

5 – Pop 4 Maltesers in the top of the glass.

6 – Add some squirty cream until it is just coming over the top of the jam jar/glass.

7 – Place your doughnut on the top of the cream.

8 – Add a little more squirty cream into the middle of the ring of the doughnut to fill in the hole.

9 – Add 3 Maltesers to the top to decorate and use the remaining sprinkles on the top of the cream too.

10 – Stick in a long straw, grab yourself a long handled spoon, set the drink on top of a plate/saucer and dig in!

 Enlight1 (10)

 If you have a go, feel free to share your photos with me over on my Facebook page or over on Instagram by tagging me @lifeisknutts.

Go on Knutters, get your Freak on!


Kids activity idea: Capture the flag (from Percy Jackson)

“At the end of the day, a kid should have dirty feet, messy hair and a smile on their face”.


All kids love to be outdoors. I know some of my best childhood memories are of long summer days spent playing outside in the street, or over the common, near my parents house. We had no time limit during the school holidays, we just had to be back before it got dark, and we always did as we were told. Fresh air, exploring, making memories.

Sadly, it is impossible where we live to give our children that much freedom. I don’t feel safe letting them be quite as ‘free range’ as we were, but I still think that getting outside and doing some physical activity every day is very important.

We make sure that every few weeks, we meet up with a group of close friends and we do a good old family walk together. We explore our local area and the kids have a bit of freedom to run about and burn off some energy. These get together’s are fast becoming some of our favourite times, the kids – and the grown ups, especially if there is a pub involved! – truly love it.

On one of our walks that we went on this weekend, I asked the kids if they would mind playing a game I have been asked to test out. They all jumped at the chance and were super enthusiastic which was awesome so I set about explaining the rules to them.

The game is called Capture the Flag, and is based on a game played in the movies, and books, of the Percy Jackson series.

If you’re not familiar with the Percy Jackson series, you can find out about them more, here.

The basic jist is that the books/movies are based on the characters and stories of Greek Mythology, and Percy is a Demi-God – meaning he is the son of a mortal woman called Sally and a Greek God, Poseidon.

He struggles at school but soon realises that there is more to him than meets the eye…and so begins Percy’s adventures.

My eldest is absolutely obsessed with Percy Jackson so he couldn’t wait to get started on playing the game with his friends!!!

I also love the stories and I think it is great that my eldest already knows so much about Greek Mythology at such a young age, it really helps capture the imagination and makes for some pretty creative writing by him from time to time, as well as some interesting Ancient Greek lands in Minecraft being built!

 Rules and the aim of the Game




Capture the Flag is a game played with 2 teams.

Each team has a flag which they hide in their area, or land as my kids liked to call it.

The basic aim of the game is to capture your enemy teams flag by performing a raid into their land to get it, without being caught.

The place we chose to have our game of Capture the Flag was our local wetlands centre. It had wide open spaces, suitable for the kids to run around safely, and a path across the field which acted as a very good boundary line between the two lands. We had made a couple of flags at home before we went by using some old windmill sticks and some coloured craft tissue paper, one Green and one Pink. This would be a really good craft activity for a rainy summer holiday afternoon if you were at a loss for ideas!


 After explaining the rules to the kids, they were rearing to go and decided, of their own accord, to split into a boys team and a girls team…kids! They stuck their flags in the ground and placed a bag down a little way from their flags to act as a prison. If you get tagged whilst in your enemy’s area, you are sent to prison and you have to wait for another team member to come along and set you free by tapping your hand before you can join the game again.

After a countdown, it was game on and the kids were off!

Giggling, hysteria, happiness, heckling parents on the sidelines, it was wonderful to watch!

The kids spurred each other on, they helped each other out, they came up with game plans and had a whale of a time.

We played 3 games and, I am very sad to report, the smelly boys won all 3 games!!!! The cheeky monkeys!

They were all left laughing with rosy cheeks and sweaty brows. A perfect way to burn off some energy on a rare sunny afternoon!

 The kids verdict on the game was that it was, “Super fun!”. I think that means they enjoyed it!

For me, their faces in the photos say it all…

 If you would like to have a go at playing the game, you can do so by using the rules in this post.

It would be a great game for birthday parties, for schools to use in PE, as a warm up exercise at sports clubs or just for a large group of friends to play together, like ours did.

You can also buy the new book in the Percy Jackson series, The Hidden Oracle (The Trials of Apollo – Book 1)  here! It’s sure to be another good one, full of action and adventure, and I know my 8 year old lad is desperate to read it.

 Do let me know if you have a go at this game, I’d love to hear what you and your kids thought about it!