Strawberry and Rose Gin Fizz recipe

It’s the Bank Holiday weekend at last! And the sun is (kind of) out! It’s a miracle!

To celebrate the fact it’s a long weekend (and because it’s my birthday tomorrow) last night I had some of my Silent Pool Rose Gin. I hadn’t had any for a while (mainly because it’s a special limited edition bottle so I find myself rationing it! #frugal) and I had almost forgotten how lovely it is. I do love a hint of rose flavouring in food and drink (Cadburys Turkish Delight – which by the way has been discontinued due to ‘peoples tastes changing’. WTAF Cadburys?! – and Fentimans Rose Lemonade I’m looking at you).

After having a few Strawberries ripen in the garden yesterday, I thought I’d put them to good use in a cocktail. Here is my recipe for Strawberry and Rose Gin Fizz. You don’t have to have Rose Gin to make this cocktail by the way, but should you happen to own some, you can use that in place of the rose water in the recipe.

Perfect for sipping in the sunshine. Happy Bank Holiday folks.

  Strawberry & Rose Gin Fizz recipe