Britmums Daily Photo Challenge: Day 21 -Girl

This was a tough one for me seen as I live in a house full of boys, so I’ve chosen a photo of myself as a little girl ready for my very first dance show. 

From what I remember, we were Rose Buds, and we performed at a small theatre and then we did a summer fair somewhere and we had to dance around dressed like this in a field…

The older girls had long dresses and rose arches which we (rose buds) ran in and out of. I’m not sure what’s going on with my tights but someone obviously thought they were a good idea…

I’m probably about 4 years old here. Little did I know at that age that dance would have such a large impact on my life. I dearly miss it but I know I’ll get back to it one day…preferably before I’m too old and I can’t lift my leg (or myself for that matter!!) more than 2 inches off the ground 😉😂

Britmums Daily Photo Challenge: Day 10 – Happy

Britmums Daily photo challenge: Day 10


Many things make me happy, make my family happy, so this one was a toughie but I feel that this photo sums the word happy up for me really well. 


Happiness is…

Happiness is; a summers day at home, playing in the paddling pool in the garden with your brothers and then tea ‘al fresco’ (which is a win for me too as it means there’s no mess indoors to clean up! #winning)

Roll on summer…roll on happy sunny days.

Somebody pinch me…

Somebody pinch me…am I dreaming?!

Am I going ‘slightly mad?’…

Nope. It really did happen.

The toddler (and the other two kids for that matter) slept for the ENTIRE night. Like, ALL NIGHT!

I woke at 6am feeling confused, amazed, ecstatic, shocked and, unusually for me, not full of bitterness and resentment towards everyone else in the house who’s been lucky enough to have a full nights sleep.

We did nothing differently. There is no logic there to why it happened, but it did. And I’m over the moon.

I positively skipped the children to school this morning, the birds were singing, the sun was (almost) shining and I wasn’t in a rage that I had to swerve the pushchair due to an oncoming bike down one of the alleyways and ended up driving it though a massive poo (hopefully not human this time…) – life feels so much better when you’ve had sleep.

I hasten to add that I’m not holding out much hope for tonight. I’m pretty certain that it was a conscious decision by my toddler to let me have a night off because he had decided that he’d pushed me far enough of late and that I was possibly on the brink of a nervous breakdown. He wants to toy with me but not destroy me…not just yet anyway.