Dinosaur Week! Day 1: A review of Stickerscape Dinosaur Wall Stickers, featuring Kali Stileman.

For the next few days on my blog, I am going to be sharing everything Dinosaur with you all. No, I’m not going to be talking about how old me (but mostly my husband, lets be honest) are getting, I’m talking about the pre-historic creatures that once walked our magical little ball of rock!

I will post a blog each day with different Dinosaur related products, baking ideas, craft ideas and we will also be getting ready for ‘back to school’!

(*Cheers with joy whilst holding a gin in a can aloft*)

So, how did this Dino week come about? Let me explain…

Photo/Logo from Stickerscape.com

Photo/Logo from Stickerscape.com


A few weeks ago I was contacted by the lovely people at Stickerscape to see if I would like to review a Chalkboard Dinosaur Wall Sticker as well as some of their Dinosaur themed wall stickers designed by the talented Kali Stileman.


Dinosaur collection wall sticker pack

Photo from Stickerscape.com


As coincidence would have it, I have been on the lookout for some appropriate wall stickers for my middle one’s bedroom, which was still looking a little blank and sparse since we came out the other side of a load of building work last year, so I jumped at the chance!

We do have some experience of wall stickers already. My eldest asked for a Spiderman Comic strip type one for his room a few years ago and it was quite a large one. Putting it on the wall was a 2 man job and almost ended in me wrapping my husband up in the giant sticker (much like a Black Widow wraps it’s prey) because he was annoying me so much. To be fair to him, it was a bit of a pain, so much so, a large amount of ‘effing and jeffing’ ensued. Thankfully the kids weren’t home to hear that debacle! What appealed to me about these Dinosaur wall stickers from Stickerscape, was that they would cover a large expanse of wall once up, but without the faff of it being in one, giant, awkward sticker. These wall stickers come as individual images which you can then cut out and place on the wall where you see fit. Perfect!

After a few days of waiting for the stickers to be made, they arrived and we excitedly opened up the thick cardboard tube which they were packaged in, so as to ensure that they arrived to us in tip-top condition. My middle one was very excited. He has been the one who has been subjected to the most hand me down clothes, hand me down toys and so on, so for him to have something of his own, that was new, made him full of excitement. It was lovely to see his little face light up…

 We carefully unrolled the stickers and read the instructions. These were very clear, to the point my 8 year old was happily understanding what we needed to do because he wanted to help me put them up in his brothers room.

 I had already earmarked a spot in Zak’s room where I wanted to put the stickers.  He has a blank piece of wall near the doorway in his bedroom (a kind of small corridor) and I have made this into a little area for him to hang his uniform and bags to help him get organised for school. I figured I could put the Dinosaur Chalkboard and wall stickers in this area so we can use it to write what Zak has coming up that week, to help him remember what he needs on what day and to tell him what events are coming up. A hopeful attempt at getting him to be a little more independent and to begin getting himself organised, rather than me having to do it all for him. Here’s hoping…

We cut the stickers out as per the instructions and laid them out on the floor in an arrangement we were happy with. We then began applying them to the wall.

This was really fun and very easy to do. We had gone for the regular size wall stickers (they have 2 sizes available, regular and large but the regular size was plenty big enough for our space we had chosen) and my 8 year old helped me peel the backing paper off and smooth them onto the wall, using an old gift card to remove any air bubbles as we went. They really did go on easily. The regular size Dinosaur scene retails at £20.00 (price correct at time of publishing) and I was quite surprised at the price given the quality of the stickers. They really are very good and nothing like I have seen before with their bright colours and textured appearance.

Once on, we stood back and had a look at our arrangement. It really looks brilliant and Zak was over the moon with them.

The way the stickers are printed is of very high quality and we love the fact you can see the paint texture in the stickers, almost as if you have had them hand painted on your wall! We also love the fact, even though many people sadly still see a gender divide and think Dinosaurs are more of a boy orientated interest, that this has been ignored by Kali and she has used bright colours including pinks and purples in her designs. Zak is a fan of pink, so to have an image that wasn’t ‘girlie’ or princess like on his wall, but with one of his favourite colours in, was brilliant. Well done Kali, we love that about your products!


We placed the Chalkboard Dinosaur above the completed Dinosaur scene so Zak can write his reminders on it and see them as he goes in and out of his room. He was really enthusiastic about using it and spent a good 30 minutes drawing, doing maths, spelling words and messing about with his Chalkboard Dino. Again, this went on the wall really easily and we had no issues with air bubbles or the sticker ripping. They really are great quality. These retail at £25.00 on the Stickerscape website which I think is good value for a durable, well made, multi-use and large wall sticker. They have plenty of other designs on there too so do head on over and check them out!

 We have loved reviewing these Stickerscape and Kali Stileman wall stickers.

If you’re looking for some fun, and good quality, wall stickers for your home (they do some amazing personalised chalk boards which I quite like the look of for the downstairs – shhh! Don’t tell Mr Knutts!) we wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them to friends, family and Life is Knutts readers.

 If you’re interested in any of Kali’s Wall sticker range, I am very excited to be able to give Life is Knutts readers 20% off their order (thanks to Stickerscape!)  if you enter the code DINOKALI at the checkout until 10th October 2016.

 To find out more about the very talented Kali Stileman and her products, click here.

And click here to see more of what Stickerscape have to offer!

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Disclosure: We received some Kali Stileman Dinosaur wall stickers and a Stickerscape Chalkboard Dinosaur sticker in return for this review.

All words, thought and opinions are my own.


The Life is Knutts guide to de-cluttering…

Ah, the wonderful lady over at Your Modern Family, a home cleanliness and parenting website, has sent me another handy email about how to de-clutter my home.


She hasn’t seen my home.

It makes the local rubbish tip look like the Ritz at the moment thanks to the school holidays…

Anyhow, the creepily cheerful, and extremely helpful, American lady has offered me the chance to pay just $30, yes, that’s right, only $30 (just the price of a bottle of Craft Gin), to do a 7 day online course in de-cluttering my home.

Each day, for 7 days, she will email set challenges to me and I will be tasked with completing them so I can de-clutter not only my home, but my mind. Yes, really people, she can stop me from thinking about inane shite like, “is there any Saffron for that Paella tomorrow night left in the cupboard?” at 2am in the morning (I never worry about saffron, I just wanted to reassure you all that I was merely being facetious after a couple of glasses of Sangria).

She doesn’t divulge too much in the ‘teaser’ email (obviously, otherwise you won’t need to pay her $30, yes, that’s right folks! Just $30!) but she does say that she will;

– Set several tasks each day to do in your home.

– Give you specific rooms to work on.

– Give you zones in each room that you will work on.

– Walk through each step with you in each zone until it is done.

– Give you access to a Private Facebook Group (oh err!) where she will talk more about de-cluttering.

– Give you worksheets to print off so you can check things off as you go.

Doesn’t that all sound like fun?!

I feel less stressed already after just reading it!


It’s made me angry and want a Gin, that’s what it’s done.

I know my house is a mess. Acceptance has occurred.

There are 3 boys and one ‘man’ in this house who wee over the toilet seat, leave no bog roll on the holder so I have to “do the shake ‘n’ vac to put the freshness back”, if you get what I’m saying ladies, so I can shuffle away from the loo to replenish the loo roll that’s inevitably just out of reach from the loo to finish up and then there’s the constant leaving of shite around the downstairs to contend with. Socks, jumpers, crisp packets, toys, lycra cycling gear, cups, you name it, it’s lying around the downstairs somewhere.

I know that’s how it is and, for the sake of what’s left of my own sanity, I have come to realise that the mess isn’t really important and there are ‘bigger fish to fry’ in life. Going to Def-con level 9 over an abandoned sock down the sofa isn’t going to help anyone is it…

So, my lovely Knutters, screw the 7 day de-cluttering subscription.

There will be no backing out of rooms happening here.

There will be no checklists.

There will be no private Facebook Groups to join for a masturbate, sorry, MASS DEBATE, about de-cluttering techniques.

Here is my handy, Life is Knutts, 30 second de-cluttering guide…for FREE! 

(Go on, do yourselves a favour and save your $30 to buy a bottle of something nice).

How to de-clutter

– Pick up a black bin bag.

– Place items that you don’t want anymore, and that are out of place, in the black bin bag.

– Throw in the Bin.

– Any items you or your family may still want, throw in the bottom of a wardrobe or under stairs cupboard ready to sort it out ‘at some point’*.

*’At some point’ can be defined as, ‘before death occurs’, or even after death merely by delegating the task to a relative. No need to rush these things*.

– Open a bottle of something alcoholic and sit down to marvel at your impeccably ‘de-cluttered’ home.


Don’t say I never give you anything…



Ecard false alarm cleaning:

Gin & Tonic four ways – A Life is Knutts version…

It’s tough being a parent.

I know people tell you to ‘cherish every moment’ and ask for time to slow down because their children are growing up too fast, but do you know what, sometimes it is so tough being responsible for these small humans we created that quite often, you can feel overwhelmed.

You can’t get any peace and quiet for yourself – not even to go for a pee in the toilet – and because of that, sometimes we need a bit of help from an alcoholic beverage or two.

I keep seeing this video spring up on Facebook, Gin and Tonic four ways, and it got me thinking (dangerous, I know…).

I thought, wow, these look nice but I also thought, if I make one of these drinks and try to sit down with it, I’ll inevitably end up with one of the children yelling at me to wipe their poo bum, or to help them make a dragon out of a toilet roll tube and some pipe cleaners, or something like that. You never get 5 minutes peace.

So, I decided to make my own video.

Ladies and gents, I give you, Gin & Tonic four ways. A Life is Knutts version…

Thank you and goodnight…from under the bed with a G&T 😉


R is for Hoppit

Life is Knutts is Featured in Brit Mums Newbie Round-up!

I’m so excited I could squeal like a toddler in Morrisons!!!

I was reading a Brit Mums ‘Newbie Blogger’ round-up today, shared by the lovely Aby over on the absoloutely gorgeous blog, You Baby Me Mummy (seriously, you must check out Aby’s photography skills, she’s really quite fabulous) and amongst the super brilliant bloggers mentioned, I was godsmacked to see my blog there!

Pop the prosecco, attempt a bit of a moon-walk and sing ‘We are the champions’ by Queen with a wooden spoon as a microphone!

This months Newbie Blogger roundup is all about finding the new funny talent so I was over the moon to be mentioned.

There are some truly wonderful bloggers in this months round-up so be sure to give their links a little tickle with your mouse cursor, they’ll have you laughing your head off and reaching for some Tena Lady in a flash…

You can read my mention in the newbie round-up over on Brit Mums by clicking here!

Thank you so much Aby for featuring me this month, it means the world…and gives me yet another excuse to have a G&T later on tonight!

You can find Aby over on her blog, You Baby Me Mummy, here!

Newbies badge


Life is Knutts is Nominated for the MADS – MAD Blog Awards 2016


Thanks to all of you beautiful Knutters who have nominated me for the MADS, I never even thought I’d get a look in but I just got this tweet (see bottom of my scrawl) from the ‘powers that be’ at the MADS and I’ve been nominated for blog of the year! 😳😊👍🏻
It’s only a nomination (and realistically, I’m up against people who have been blogging years and have an army of thousands of loyal followers) but that in itself is enough to make my day! Week! Year in fact!!!

Thank you all very much.

It’s improved my day immensely – I’ve spent it playing resentful nurse to all 4 boys in my house who are all feeling very sorry for themselves after having the mother of all stomach upsets/sickness bugs.
The scenes in my bathroom last night were like something out of the exorcist and I almost booked a one way ticket to Australia, but I hate spiders so I thought better of it and I resorted to Gin instead… 😉

Much love you complete Knutters.xx

And you can still vote for me here…

(Just add my URL: http://lifeisknutts.com)

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