Funky Knutts – Songs to give you that Friday Feeling (Week 11)

Oh! Hello there Friday you beautiful beast you!

(See what I did there? Beauty? Beast? It’s out today in the cinema isn’t it – not that my boys are at all interested so I think I might have to go and watch it by myself one evening…with gin in a can as company).

We have had a fairly good week – minimal chaos to report other than the Ben (my 3 year old) pouring half a cup of M&M’s on the living room floor and running them over with a pedal tractor we currently have indoors. I was cross at the mess, but even more cross at the senseless destruction of some delicious M&M’s. WTAF dude?!

This weeks song is by a band that I LOVE. Literally, I love them so much that their music would probably be on my desert island discs should I ever compile a list. They’re unusual, supremely talented and I can loose myself in their songs for hours on end.

Ladies and Gents, I give you, Alt-J.

 Song: Fitzpleasure

Artist: Alt-J

Year of Release: 2012

Genre: Indie/Rock

Fact – if you press ‘Alt’ and ‘J’ on your apple keyboard, it will type a Triangle or Delta Sign, which is Alt-J’s symbol.

 Alt_J hail from Leeds, UK. The band met when they went to Leeds University together. Their drummer, Thom Green, suffers from a condition which means he is 80% deaf. He plays amazingly well despite his condition.

The band were unable to use Bass Drums or Bass Guitars in their student halls, so this is why their sound is so unique.

Haunting, melodic, rock/folk at it’s best.

I was lucky enough to see these guys at Reading Festival a couple of summers ago and they were, for me, one of the best acts of the night.

Funky Knutts – Songs to give you that Friday Feeling! (Week 10)

Happy damn Friday again folks.

I hope the week has been kind to you all and that you have exciting things (like sleeping and wearing PJ’s for an entire day) planned for the weekend. We have a fairly quiet one tomorrow and then Sunday (weather permitting) we are off for a walk with some lovely friends which will be nice. The kids always love seeing each other – their forever friends they call them because they’ve all known each other since birth. Cute eh?!

This week my song choice is a tribute to a wonderful man called Mark. Mark was a childhood friend of my dad and uncle growing up, getting into all sorts of mischief together, and they have stayed in touch over the years despite their lives taking them in various directions. Sadly, he passed away the other week, very unexpectedly, and he has left behind his wife, children, grandchildren, family and friends. It’s never easy loosing someone, but when it is so out of the blue, and that person was larger than life, it’s so very hard to take. I’ll be thinking of my dad, uncle and all of Mark’s friends and loved ones at 2:45pm today.

Mark was a HUGE Northern Soul fan, as are my Dad, Uncle and all their friends. They would (and still do) go to lots of gigs, pull on their skinny jeans like they did when they were lads and tear up the dance floor with their smooth moves. They loved nothing better than spending time together like this and it’s never going to be the same for them without this wonderful chap in their lives.

This song I have chosen is a Northern Soul classic. It is always one to get people up on the dance floor so I’ve chosen it in homage to this wonderful, larger than life, chap. Mark. Get on down up there funk soul brother.

“Live each day like it’s your last and be thankful for each sunrise and sunset you see”. 

 Song: Tainted Love

Artist: Gloria Jones

Year of release: 1964

Genre: Soul


 Born in Los Angeles in 1945, Gloria Jones was a Soul singer who started singing at the age of just 7. Sadly her original version of Tainted Love wasn’t a hit for her at the time of it’s release, though it did do very well in the clubs up north where the Northern Soul movement was booming, and it was made famous by Soft Cell covering it in 1981 where it reached #1.

The song has gone down in history as a Northern Soul classic and Gloria was known as ‘The Queen of Northern Soul’ because of this song.

Funky Knutts – Songs to give you that Friday Feeling! (Week 8)

It’s Friday!!!!!!!!

The carnage of Doris Day has left us, the storm, not the wholesome Actress/Singer…

Oh dear. Doris Day isn’t impressed.

Sorry Doris.

Crap joke…but it still made me chuckle.

The sun is out today thankfully. It was a tad breezy yesterday wasn’t it!

We have had a busy week being back at school after half term and next week sees us going headfirst into Book Fortnight. Yep, that’s right, no book week for us but 2 weeks of book related frivolity. The kids are really lucky to have such a fab school that plan lots events around occasions like this, even if it does mean remembering fancy dress on a day or two. I have persuaded the eldest to be Charlie Bucket from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (because the costume is super simple!) and the middle one is going as The Mad Hatter (because we already had a Mad Hatter costume). Bosh. Done.

I hope you’ve all had a good week and with the sun shining here today, I have really got that Friday feeling. T-minus 7 hours until G&T o’clock. Win!

This song is one of my all time faves by one of my favourite bands. I was very lucky to see them live a couple of years ago at the Milton Keynes Bowl and it was a night I will never forget. Not only were the Foo’s amazing but it took us 2.5 hours to get out of the car park at the end. Rock on…

Artist: Foo Fighters

Song: Everlong

Release Date: 1997

(20 years old! Argh!)

Genre: Rock

When I played this today, the toddler had a bit of a rock out and ‘lost himself in the music’ somewhat. I had to film him, he cracked me up.

(The hands moving about are him doing air guitar…hahaha!)

 I love this song. It makes me recall sunny days, pre-kids, driving off somewhere with Mr Knutts for a walk or just going for a drive without having to pack a bag full of spare clothes and snack as well as having someone ask, “Are we nearly there yet?” and, “Where are we going?”.

Ahhhh, I love the kids to bits but I do miss those carefree days.

The Foo’s are one of my all time favourite bands…and I love Dave Grohl. The guy is an absolute genius. He sings, writes music and lyrics, plays drums, guitar, bass, everything. He is a rock god. Taylor the drummer is out of this world and we were super lucky, when we saw them at Milton Keynes Bowl in 2015, that they had a guest appearance by none other than Roger Taylor from Queen and John Paul Jones from Led Zep. They sang under pressure and it is something I will never forget.

Grohl called it a ‘Superdupergroup’ – and it really was.

(See video below – contains swearing)

Funky Knutts – Songs to give you that Friday Feeling! (Week 7)

It’s half term here in the Knutter household and it couldn’t have come at a better time. Mummy Knutts was at point break, as was eldest Master Knutts, and we have thoroughly enjoyed our week away from the routine of term time.

I have even been astounded to have the two eldest Knutters lie in. Yes folks, you heard that right, LIE. IN! Sadly the littlest Knutter didn’t get the memo about not having to get up at the crack of a sparrows fart and he has been depositing himself in bed with me at about 6am to show me kids unboxing toys on YouTube. Joy.

This week is all about a dance classic. This song came on my iPhone whilst it was on shuffle the other day and it’s one of those tunes that takes me straight back to a specific time and place. Memories of carefree days, prancing about like a lunatic with a Vodka and Red Bull in my hand (yuck, I cannot touch the bloody stuff now). Happy days indeed.

Faithless have been a little quite of late, but when their old stuff is as good as this, who cares?! (And yes folks, I’m sorry but this song really is 22 years old now. Waaaaaa!)

 Song: Insomnia

Artist: Faithless

Release date: 1995

Genre: Dance

 As well as it being an absolutely stonking tune for a Friday, it’s also pretty appropriate for any parents out there. There has been many an occasion that I have recited the lyrics to this at 3am when the toddler thinks it’s alright to want to use his bed as a trampoline.

Funky Knutts – Songs to give you that Friday Feeling! (Week 5)

 Thank gin it’s Friday.

A turbulent week for me for one reason or another but with the weekend looming just ahead of me I’m picking myself up, dusting myself off and putting my positive pants on. Life is a funny old game. I’m really lucky, I know that. I have a lovely family and a great bunch of friends, we are all (touch wood) relatively healthy but sometimes, even despite all that, I feel overwhelmed. I have decided after this week that it’s okay to feel down in the dumps. It’s okay to get angry and want to build a kiddie like fortress out of blankets and chairs and hide away in it. We all have days where life feels ‘too much’, but having those days makes you appreciate the good ones even more doesn’t it. Call it character building.

Anyhow, I am off to two shows this weekend (christmas gifts) which I am super excited about and I also got to see the fantastic Kaleo on Tuesday in Kentish Town. They were awesome as ever and I didn’t want the night to end. I could listen to that voice forever.

This weeks song choice is by a new artist Louis Berry. I heard it on Radio 1 ages ago and couldn’t remember who it was but managed to track the song down using my powers of super sleuthing. Louis is a new singer who is absolutely going to go places. A voice full of grit and gravel, a hint of Mumford and Sons about him and a wonderful song to boot. I truly hope he gets where he wants, and deserves, to be.

Song: Restless

Artist: Louis Berry

Year of release: 2016

Genre: Alternative/Indy


Louis hails from Kirkby in Knowsley, Merseyside  (where my husband’s parents now in fact live!) and he’s just 24 years old, which is hard to believe when you hear his voice which sounds like he’s been around gigging forever.

He has a few more songs kicking about on Youtube and iTunes and he has a new song out called, She wants me, which sounds just as great as this one!

He won a ‘One to watch’ award at the GIT awards in Liverpool for up and coming talent and I am certain this is a name we will see a lot more of soon.

I love the mix of country and rock in this song. You can’t help but want to dance around like a lunatic to it.

I hope you all enjoy it as much as I do.