Deer with a Beer: Day 17 and 18

Well aren’t you guys lucky (or not). Thanks to our internet going down and a certain film called Rogue One taking away my attention last night, I am posting a Deer with a Beer double header today.

Cheer with joy or sob with despair if you wish.

Happy Sunday folks!

Deer with a Beer Day 17

Deer with a Beer 18

Deer with a Beer: Day 14

So, those of you who read yesterday’s Deer installment will know that I spent over an hour wrapping a pass the parcel yesterday, only to run out of paper on layer 29 of 30.

Yep. Ain’t life a bitch.

Today however, life trumped yesterday’s bitch when I realised I had made a pass the parcel faux pas. I should have made 2 parcels of 15 layers and not one enormous one of 30 layers.

So yep, you guessed it, today I spent over an hour of my time unwrapping 15 layers of the large pass the parcel so I could then wrap another prize in 15 layers of paper to ensure I now have 2 pass the parcels.

My life is so rock and roll that I’d make Mick Jagger look ‘beige’.

Anyhow, here is Day 14 of Deer with a Beer for you all. Today is a real corker, and no reading is involved. Win!

Deer with a Beer: Day 10

Another day has passed us by, and I have still done no Christmas shopping.


I keep asking the husband what he wants and other than a new car or a new bike, he’s all out of ideas. What do you buy the man who has everything?! (Ok, except a £80,000 car and a £7,000 bike that is). Goodness sake…roll on Boxing Day!

Here is day 10 of Deer with a Beer for you all. Is Rudolph still on track to win Ruby back?!

Deer with a Beer: Day 8

Today has been a performing bonanza in the Knutter household.

The eldest one had his class assembly on Ancient Greek Myths and Legends and the middle one had his last ever Nativity. Both of them did really well, apart from a bit of nose picking and eating by one of them in front of the whole school…boys.

I am now officially feeling ‘festive’. Though that could be down to the Mulled Wine I am currently supping.

Chin chin!

So, yesterday we left Bear with a cheeky Monkey. What is happening today?

Time for Deer with a Beer day 8.

Sit down, pour yourself a beverage and (try to) enjoy…

Deer with a Beer: Day 7


I’m not sure where today has gone. Only just posting this in time!

The toddler had his nativity at preschool today. It was suitably cute and funny in equal measure. He was cast as a Rabbit and hopped his little bottom down the hall and up onto the stage like a pro. No tantrums, no chaos. It was a Christmas miracle!

I might have cried a little bit.

Soppy eh?!

Anywhodlums, here is Day 7 of deer with a beer for you all. What chaos occurred today?!