Half term hell…

Well, this half term break has so far been about as enjoyable as an epidemic of threadworm in a Primary School class.

This is mainly thanks to my lack of vehicle (no, my husband still doesn’t have his sodding car back and yes it has been in the garage being fixed since JANUARY!!! Yes, January, so he still has mine. I’ve seen entire villages built quicker than this car repair) and the bloody biblical rainfall we have had here in Surrey yesterday and today.

Today has mostly consisted of lots of shouting (by everyone), half done craft activities (totally not like Mr Maker demonstrates, he’s a total liar), fights over what film to watch, me picking up the same sodding toys 20 times over and loads of coffee. Later to be replaced by Gin.

Friends are visiting us Thursday and Friday thankfully. With any luck, I’ll most likely be in a caffeine and alcohol induced stupor by then.

How are the rest of you bearing up?!


Britmums Daily Photo Challenge – Day 20: Summer

So this photo sums last summer up for me…and most Summer’s of late to be honest. 

At least the Little Tykes car was happy out in the rain in the garden… (It needed a clean and saved me a job anyway – bonus)

May and September here in the UK were lovely but for almost the entire August school holidays, we had cloud and rain, with only a few warm sunny days. 
Standard. British. Summer. 

Fingers crossed this year is a bit warmer…

It’s the final countdown!! (Love a bit of Europe)

I don’t know about you, but I can’t wait for the end of term.
The kids are so exhausted that even asking them what they want for breakfast results in a slanging match (it’s tempting to tell them just to eat their entire advent calendar as breakfast and be done with it) and I’m so exhausted I now see red if they request toast or crumpets because I class that as time consuming cooking…
Myself and most of the fellow parents on the school run look like extras from a zombie movie and all I seem to do all morning is shout, “no!” or “stop it!” or “is it bedtime yet?!” like I’m experiencing a politically correct (and frankly rather boring) bout of Tourette’s.
I know most folks think it’s probably harder having your kids home with you rather than at school, but I’m certain the general consensus is that we are all just so exhausted that we don’t care about that and the Christmas holidays can’t come soon enough.
I can’t wait for the school run (mostly in the piddling rain of late) to be done with.
And when the holidays do arrive, it’ll be Gin for breakfast. Cheers to that!
(Obviously that’s a joke, maybe brunch, but not breakfast…)
We’re nearly there folks.
Only 2 Christmas church nativity visits with a maniac toddler to go…
Keep on pushing on.