Help make Mothers Day magical, with Debenhams

I’ve no idea where the year is going already.

It seems like it was only Christmas a couple of weeks ago, and now it’s (almost) March. Not that it feels like it thanks to the ‘Beast from the East’! Come on Spring, let’s be having you!

Easter is zooming it’s way towards us (I have to say, this is one of my favourite holidays of the year, purely due to the fact there are Crème Eggs in the shops (yes, I know they’ve got smaller – so now I eat two in one go #noshame – but I still love them) and it is acceptable to eat Chocolate for breakfast once again.

Mothers Day 2018, UK: Sunday 11th March

Now it’s nearly March, Mothers Day is just around the corner and in order to get ready for it, I have very kindly been given the chance to buy a couple of Mothers Day gifts for my lovely mum, courtesy of Debenhams. I was gifted an £80 voucher to use on their Mother Day gift selections – a legitimate excuse to shop, guilt free! What a treat!

I love buying gifts for other people – I genuinely get so much joy from watching friends and loved ones open them…

Gift voucher for debenhams

“Motherhood is Unselfishness”.

I feel so lucky to have my mum here still.

My family

Mothers Day can be a very tricky time of year for lots of people. Many people no longer have their mum, some people find the day hard because they long to be a mum but things haven’t worked out that way. Life, it’s safe to say, can be a bit of a jerk at times.

With that in mind, I am going to try and make Mothers Day a celebration of being thankful in our house, yep, even the annoying bits like the kids making a mess everywhere and my husband leaving his sweaty-bum cycling kit on the bathroom floor.

I said try…I’m not going to promise anything.

S.H.O.P.P.I.N.G – We’re shopping!

We have a Debenhams store local to us and I will normally pop in there every few weeks when the kids are being compliant and aren’t having a meltdown about having to go shopping. I have to admit that a lot of my shopping is done online these days because of that very fact, as well as often being too busy to go into town.

The Debenhams homepage currently has a convenient link on it that will whisk you off in the direction of some lovely Mothers Day gifts and ideas; I had a browse around it myself last week looking for some inspiration for my mum. There is something for everyone on there; perfume, beauty products, knitwear, food hampers, watches, jewellery; you name it they probably have it! And, if you can’t find something to buy them, you could always get them a Debenhams gift voucher so they can go out and treat themselves at their leisure.

I asked my mum a couple of weeks ago if there was anything she would like for Mothers Day and, in typical mum fashion, she said, “nope”. I could have bet £1000 that this is the response she would give. Like a lot of mums, my mum is completely and utterly selfless and her response when I said that no wasn’t an option was, “well why don’t you use half on yourself and half on me?”

Erm, still no mother, it’s for you!!

The lack of ideas given by mum meant I had free reign which is both brilliant and mind boggling in equal measure…

She isn’t really into handbags, she isn’t particularly into makeup but will dabble a little now and again, she likes to go out and enjoy herself with friends and family and I am glad to say she looks after herself a bit better now and will get her nails and hair done if something nice is coming up – and rightly so, she does so much for us all that she really deserves some self-care and pampering. With that in mind, I decided to get my mum a BareMinerals ‘Get Started’ complexion starter kit (she always says she looks tired and pale so hopefully she can make herself feel a little more happy and confident by using this) and I also got her a really nice room diffuser by Butterfly by Matthew Williamson, which will look great in her newly decorated living room…that the grandchildren are (thankfully) yet to destroy.

I am sure that my mum will love her gifts from Debenhams. I also plan to pop to the shops and get her a nice bottle of Fizz, which she can enjoy all to herself, and a spring flower planter – me and my mum love Spring flowers and my Nan’s favourite flowers were Daffodils. I love having them in the house this time of year to remind me of her.

As well as being sent an £80 voucher to spend on my mum, I was also very kindly gifted a Smartbox Afternoon tea gift experience box for two. The Smartbox contains a voucher, which is redeemable at lots of different venues across the country, and entitles the recipient to a wonderful Afternoon tea experience, along with a friend. I plan to take my mum up to London for the day once the weather is a bit nicer (there are lots of super venues you can redeem your voucher at there, as well as all over the UK) and we can both enjoy our Afternoon tea together and, hopefully, do a spot of retail therapy, just the two of us – which rarely happens these days. She doesn’t know about this yet so I will present her with the voucher on Mothers Day along side all her other lovely gifts – I can hazard a guess this will be the highlight present for her, she really loves going for afternoon tea!

These gift experience vouchers are a brilliant idea for loved ones who don’t want ‘stuff’ and would rather have a nice day out or an experience instead.

“Things come and go, but memories can last a lifetime”.

Whatever you’re up to this Mothers Day, and whoever you’re spending it with, I hope you all have a lovely day and I am sending all my love to those who aren’t looking forward to it quite so much. May your day be filled with love…and hopefully a bit of booze too!

Disclosure: I was gifted an £80 Debenhams voucher and an Afternoon Tea gift experience in return for this review. All words, thoughts and opinions are my own.




Term School Shoes Review

With only 1 week to go until my little munchkins are back to school, we have been busy zooming about the shops along with half of the nation to purchase new uniform, stationary and school shoes.

It’s my most dreaded time of the summer holidays to be honest.

Shopping and kids just don’t go together.

Most shoe shops are heaving and you now have to book an appointment like when you go to visit the GP, and all to often it’s utter madness. Completely Gin inducing.

When I was contacted by Term Shoes to see if I would like to review a pair of their school shoes for one of my boys, I leapt at the chance. I have honestly become very disillusioned with Clark’s school shoes. They are very expensive, they never seem to last very long (what my kids do to them during a school day I have no idea but it looks like they’ve competed in an Iron Man challenge at the end of each day!) and they seem to be more style than substance. The toys in the bottom of some of the shoes was the last straw for me. All the kids apparently ‘needed’ them but they had lost the poxy toys out of them within the first few days. Never again…

Who are Term Shoes?

Term School Shoes & Outdoors is a British brand registered in 2016 by a husband and wife team, who have been importing and selling a variety of children’s footwear brands in the UK. They started their business 6 years ago, to supply school shoes to the UK market and have learned much about the types of shoes British children need. Term was born out of the desire to make a great shoes and boots that children want to wear.

*Designed in the UK*

The shoes have been designed in the UK for the needs and desires of the UK child and they aim to make school shoes that even secondary school children will wear! Term school shoes are manufactured in India, again in accordance with EU standards. Once a child reaches 11 years old, they tend to turn their backs on traditional school shoes and buy high street fashion shoes, often very cheap and with no support, even damaging their feet. Term shoes will provide better support for these developing years, great insoles for comfort and designs that a teenager would be happy to wear.

Their designs for the younger market are gorgeous with contemporary and traditional options, concentrating on comfort and fit.

High quality leather upper, double dyed through, so that if scuffed it is less noticeable and can be polished in

Thermo rubber flexible and strong soles

Touch fastening and lace options – *new* loafers for older girls

Price range from £39.99-£49.99 depending on size/style

I had a look on the Term website and was presented with a decent, but not overwhelming, choice of school shoes for Zak. Using their handy print off foot measure, I checked Zak’s size and it matched what Clarks had measured him at when I bought him some trainers a few weeks ago. I knew I needed ones with robust toe protection because he plays football in them most playtimes and they also needed to be velcro fastening. He can do shoe laces, but he isn’t very quick at doing them so for the sake of ease, the teachers sanity and speed, I went for velcro. We chose the Hoddle Double shoe (RRP. from £39.99);

Term School shoes

They’re smart, comfortable and easy to get on.

The shoes arrived promptly and Zak couldn’t wait to get them on his feet (At the time of writing – 29/08/17 – Term Shoes have FREE next day delivery on all orders so make the most of it and get your order in before the kids go back!).

The shoes were well wrapped and arrived in pristine condition. They are made of real leather and have everything you’d expect from a well made school shoe;

Real Leather

Secure velcro fastening

Soft cushioned Collar

Cushioned insoles

Flexible Rubber Soles

Term Shoes website says this about the Hoddle Double Shoe;

“Designed in the UK with older boys in mind, this slip on school shoe has a fashionable look with a sleek toe and sole.  Manufactured from high grain leather and flexible thermo rubber soles, this is the ideal boys school shoe for middle school age upwards.  The pull on design makes the shoes easy to wear and the elasticated gusset on the upper creates a good fit.  A soft collar around the heel provides extra comfort to avoid blisters, whilst the comfortable insole provides support and cushioning throughout a busy school day.

Term school shoes are created with design, comfort and fit in mind.  Design so that children actually want to wear the shoes… Comfort so that children can do all they need in a day without a thought to their shoes… Fit so that comfort is improved but also a good fitting shoe looks after their growing feet”.

Zak is over the moon with his shiny new shoes and can’t wait to play football in them at playtime.

Term school shoes

He said they are easy to put on, comfy, shiny and ‘super cool’. High praise indeed from a 7 year old!

I feel happy and confident that they are going to last well, as well as fit his feet properly.

If you’re wanting to avoid the shops and get a robust, well made pair of school shoes for your little pickles, I would highly recommend buying a pair of shoes from Term.

You can visit their website by clicking here.

 Disclosure: I was sent a pair of Term School shoes for the purpose of this review. All words, thoughts and opinions are my own.

Shopping with kids (and a husband) – How to live life on the edge

 Kids and shopping. A match made in…hell.

I know that kids and shopping don’t go together, don’t get me wrong, but sometimes, needs must.

I do my food shopping online (lazy I know, but I’m not fussy about having to go to the shop to squeeze plums to see if they’re ripe or not) and the way I look at it, I am helping keep someone in employment. It’s a selfless thing to do if you ask me.

I rarely drag my husband to the shops either, maybe four times per year if he is really unlucky, much for the same reason as why I don’t take the kids. He isn’t a fan of shopping…unless it’s for a new bike of course.

This weekend however, we decided to go as a family to a cool shop near us which sells new and antique furniture/homeware. I have been once before (without kids or husband) but thought the husband should come and have a look because he is currently on the lookout for a new armchair. Yes, an armchair just for himself. See, I told you he only comes shopping when it is for personal gain.

I told the kids it wasn’t a boring shop but they still weren’t enthralled at the prospect. Ignoring their grumpy faces, off we went in the car.

The kids were fine on the way there, playing Pokemon Go, eating random sweets they had found on the floor in the back of the car, playing iSpy, the usual but as soon as we pulled up in the shop car park…


Eldest one goes into tantrum mode. He is 8, almost 9, so his tantrums aren’t toddler like but more teenage strop like. He stared soullessly out of the window of the car, his eyes filled with forced tears and he slunk down in his seat whilst informing me that he wasn’t going to be getting out of the car.

Chuffing brilliant. What a wonderful start to our family shopping trip.

The middle one is also reluctant but is easily distracted, like a moth to a flame. As soon as he saw a bird bath frozen solid with ice, he soon forgot about joining his older brother in strops-ville and skipped over towards the shop.

The toddler is just oblivious to life and did as he was told for once whilst following me dangling a bag of snacks in my hand. All about the incentive.

My husband manages to coax the eldest one out of the car after a couple of minutes and he begrudgingly shuffles his way (at a snails pace) over to the shop, where he then immediately forgets about his Kevin the teenager moaning and joins his middle brother for a spot of bird bath ice smashing.

Boys. Simple creatures really.

The Packhouse Farnham Surrey

Whilst in the shop, the boys decided they loved shopping after all and enjoyed flitting about the different rooms. The shop was in a huge converted barn and is a rabbit warren of different rooms. This made it fun for the kids, but a sodding nightmare for me. At one point, I was looking at some cutlery. I glanced up, they were gone. The kids and the husband.

Seriously?! I was literally glancing down for ll of 15 seconds and they’re gone?! Shows their attention span doesn’t it!

I can hear them but I can’t see them (as is often the case in our house) and I cannot find them for toffee in the labyrinth of rooms. I put down the cutlery I was looking at and stomp on to try and find them all again. I finally see them all lounging about on a sofa they’ve spied.

Shopping with kids (and husband) Tip 1:

If you cannot see them, they have probably gone to sit down. Or eat.

Poor loves. All worn out after six minutes shopping.

We have a look at some other bits and bobs and I walk around daydreaming of owning a house that is big enough to fit stuff like this in, and I imagine what it’s like having kids that don’t redecorate the dining room walls with food every mealtime so they can have these nice things. Do they exist?!

The toddler then spies a ride on horse toy. He’s off like shit of a shovel and before I can blink he’s sat upon the thing like the Sun-dance Kid. It takes me a total of 12 minutes to get him off it.

The oackhouse Farnham toy horse

Shopping with kids (and husband) Tip 2:

Do not let your kids (or husband for that matter) play with any toys they see whilst out shopping. You will not get them away from them and you’ll end up wanting to set fire to the shop just so you have a legitimate excuse to drag them out screaming.

After I bribe, sorry, give an incentive, to the toddler to remove his backside from the toy horse, we set off through the labyrinth of rooms to find Mr Knutts and the eldest two kids again. Tip 1 proves accurate and I find them all sat on another sofa…and Mr Knutts in a rather grand Wing-back chair with a smile on his face as he rubs the arms. People love a bit of chair rubbing when they are shopping for furniture don’t they.

Ah, he’s found one then.

I have to admit, it is very nice and it’s not too expensive by his usual standards. He sits down, gets up, sits down, gets up, rubs the arms, sits down, rubs the arms again and pretends to do the most important of things in it that he plans to use it for, sleeping. Yep, that shall be the chairs soul purpose in life it would seem. A nap chair. maybe he’s more in the market for a riser-recliner if that’s what he has planned for it?

He finally decides he needs to think about it a bit more (aka, bully himself into spending some money) and so we leave the shop and head back to the car.

The kids gallop back thankful that their shopping ordeal is finally over.

Little do they know, it isn’t.

“Shall we pop to that other furniture shop just down the road on the way back? They had some nice bits in there last time”, I say.

I can feel eyes boring a hole in the back of my head. It’s the eldest again.

He instantly changes from happy chappy to stroppy shitbag in less than half a second.

Shopping with kids (and husband) Tip 3:

Don’t suggest ‘just one more shop’ after a shopping trip if you want happy children. It will result in them deciding that they are now perfectly entitled to be little arseholes until bedtime because you need to be taught a lesson.

The husband says ok and we head for the other furniture shop.

Again, we have to drag the eldest one from the car and he says he would rather eat sprouts than shop, and that my friends, means it is really bad.

He sulks around the shop. Lollops on every chair and sofa he can find whilst the middle one and the toddler charge about the place like it’s a new area on the Crystal Maze.

Sitting in a chair out furniture shopping

“Watch that vase!”

“Don’t lick the windows!”

“Put the pretend TV down!”

I become sick of my own voice. Why is there so much breakable shit in a soft furnishings shop?! To escape without breaking something is sodding miracle and deserving of at least 2 G&T’s.

Meanwhile, the husband is having a nice browse about the place and is stroking the arms of some other chairs.

After 5 minutes, all the kids are joining in with the eldest one’s strop.

I walk around the corner to find them all in a heap on top of a giant floor cushion…

Kids lying on the floor shopping

I ask them all nicely to get the hell up and we carry on having a look.

Then we get to another point and they all fall on the floor again. This starts off because the middle one has a rug fetish. I am sorry that sounds wrong, and it  absolutely does, but I mean he actually really likes rugs. We have wooden floors in our house on the whole and it means soft surfaces such as plush carpets and rugs are a rarity in the Knutter household. therefore he really makes the most of it at our friends houses or at the shops by rolling about on them and having a snuggle. In a rug. Rug snuggling, I’m not making this any better am I…

Shopping with kids, boys lying on the floor

“Get up!” I say through gritted teeth as a shop assistant throws me a glance.

Now the mischief has set in. They have had their strops and now they decide getting up to no good and being cheeky is the way forward.

It starts with the rug snuggling, yes, yes, I know, inappropriate, and then it moves on to the toddler playing with the electric chairs. No, not the death penalty type, fear not, the type I think Mr Knutts needs seen as he plans on using his new chair solely for napping purposes.

The playing with chairs and buttons lasts for about 15 minutes. It was really fun. As much fun as piles.

 Then the older one finds an inappropriate lamp with a penis for a light switch to play with. Yep, you read that right (in fact, I took a photo of one when I saw it last year because I found it very amusing). Anyhow, he thought turning that on and off for 7 minutes or so was hilarious despite my pleas for him to stop…

I glare at my husband and we decide this shop doesn’t have what we are after and so we round up the rug snuggler, the electric chair player and the penis lamp tinkerer and head back to the car and then home.

The kids immediately perk up once back in the car and demand snacks because we have missed their usual 12pm on the dot lunchtime and they fear they are going to waste away because of it.

Shopping with kids (and husband) Tip 4:

Furniture shops are not good places to take children. There is too much breakable shit and there are too many buttons/switches for their little brains to cope with/leave alone.

Once home, I vow never to go shopping with them all again. Ever. I also really want a G&T but it’s only 2:30pm…though it is a Sunday.

*Pours Gin*

Shopping with kids (and husband) Tip 5:

Don’t go. Do it all online or leave them all at home.

Teletubbies are back with Big Hugs! (Plus a Twitter Competition!)

Tinky Winky, Dipsy, Laa-Laa and Po are back in an all new DVD entitled, Big Hugs!

Image result for teletubbies

The lovable foursome return today (Monday 16th January 2017) with some all new episodes.

For those of you who somehow aren’t familiar with these characters, firstly, where have you been?! And secondly, let me fill you in…

Teletubbies is a British pre-school TV series by Ragdoll Productions. The show revolves around 4 main characters, Tinky Winky (Purple), Dipsy (Green), Laa-Laa (Yellow) and Po (Red). The general idea is that each of the characters has an antenna on top of their head which acts like a TV aerial. This glows when it receives a video message from a child and the lucky chosen Teletubby has the clip shown on a TV in their tummy! They live in Tellytubby land (over the hills and far away…I am just, sadly, over the hill) and they indulge in fun, frolics, silliness and Tubby Toast.

The clips shown in their tummies are always from children and can be from anywhere in the world. They often show normal day to day activities and experiences that our own children are familiar with such as going to the shops, going in a lift, washing a baby, watering flowers, etc (Sidenote: I haven’t seen a, ‘mummy goes mad because the child has drawn on the wall wither permanent marker’, episode yet though. I might suggest that to the producers). My little one’s favourite clip is of some kids playing hide and seek in a park. He literally thinks it is the best thing ever and is always giggling at it. He does love to hide does Ben, especially when he has been naughty.

Yes, I too thought the show was a bit of an odd, and perhaps even a slightly bonkers, idea when it was released back in 1997 (I know, I cannot believe the show is 20 years old this year either!) but do you know what, the kids LOVE it (and I secretly think they’re pretty cute too). I vividly remember my cousin being little watching this and she was absolutely spellbound by it. She barely blinked. Meanwhile, all the parents hovered around at the back of the room wondering how anyone that wasn’t drunk could dream something like this up.

I always have the best ideas after a G&T, ’tis true.

The Teletubbies communicate by using jibberish and basic words, a bit like our own toddlers do. This makes them resemble young children and means our little tots are able to relate to them easily. I know my toddler thinks they are hilarious and he LOVES to sing along with the theme tune (and show his belly off like a Teletubby because, well, why not when you’re 2?!)


The show was revived again in 2015 with the voices of Jane Horrocks as the voice on the tubby phone, Jim Broadbent as a trumpet and Fearne Cotton also as a trumpet (nope, I had no idea about that either!) New voices joining the show for this 20 year celebration are David Walliams and Rochelle Humes!

To further mark the 20 years since the start of the show, we will see a brand new song for the Tiddlytubbies (Mi-Mi, Daa Daa, Baa, Ping, RuRu, Nin, Duggle Dee and Umby Pumby). These little rugrats are baby Teletubbies. They’re pretty cute and seen as a lot of young children have baby siblings, it’s a wonderful way for them to understand how to interact with them.

Having now aired in 120 different countries in 45 different languages, I think it is pretty safe to say that Teletubbies are now part of Children’s TV history.

Slightly surreal, imaginative, curious, educational and magical. Sit down with your little one for a watch, I am sure you will enjoy it!

You can buy your copy of Big Hugs today via Amazon!

To find some wonderful Teletubby related activities to do with your little one, head over on the CBeebies website!

 Win one of 3 copies of Big Hugs by entering my twitter competition!

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All entrants must have followed @lifeisknutts on Twitter and re-tweeted the competition.

Competition closes on Monday 23rd January at 10am. 

Winners will be contacted via direct message on Twitter.

Copies of the DVD’s will be sent once the winners names and addresses have been received.

This is a sponsored post. All words, thoughts and opinions are my own.

Insomnia – I can’t get no sleep (S+ by ResMed Review)

“I can’t get no sleep”, said Faithless in their famous song, Insomnia.

I love that tune (listen to me trying to be all trendy saying ‘tune’ – god I’m old. This ‘tune’ came out in 1996 people! 1996! That makes it 20 years old! Stop!!!!)

Luckily, I seem to be able to sleep without too much hassle as long as my three little darlings are behaving and aren’t having nightmares, falling out of bed, deciding it’s ‘wake up time’ at 4am or being poorly. Yeah, I have a few hindrances that can influence if I have a good nights sleep or not and my dear husband is also one of those ‘hindrances’.

Don’t go getting all Sheffield United (excited, it rhymes, kind of), it’s not for any reason that warrants girly giggles and blushing that he hinders my sleep (my parents read this drivel people!) it’s purely because he is a chuffing nightmare when it comes to bedtime and sleep! He’s restless, he get’s insomnia, I get ‘attacked’ in my sleep by him (by this I mean he thrashes about and I often get a kick to the shin or an elbow in the head) and he shouts out whilst having bizarre dreams where he can’t open his mouth but he needs to shout for help (a bit like Neo in the Matrix – freaky…)


All this makes for a very tired and grumpy husband, who is already pretty tired and grumpy due to a long and busy day at work. The sleep deprivation and stress combine to make the perfect storm of ‘Stanger’ you’ve ever seen. Yes, ‘Stanger’ is a new word I just made up. It’s stress and anger together. I quite like it.

When I was contacted a few weeks ago to see if we would like to review a new sleep aid, I immediately replied on behalf of my husband (and my sanity) and said, “yes please, thank you very much, you might just save my marriage and my sanity”.

In a nutshell, I was hopeful this device might help my husband a bit to kip a bit better.

The device arrived and it is called the S+ by ResMed. I hadn’t heard of it before but I’d had a read up on it and it sounded almost too good to be true. The S+ is the first sleep device you don’t have to wear anything for or have any physical contact with whilst you sleep, therefore it doesn’t impede on your rest and it can quietly go about it’s business without interfering with you. Wonderful, eh?!

It uses an app on your smart phone (which is free to download) to track your sleep and record the data. You just need to have the S+ and your phone stationed next to you for it to work.

My husband got in  from work and diligently ignored the manuals (he’s a bloke, what do you expect) and set it up without any issues. The S+ had to be next to the bed, with the white unit part pointing towards to mattress to get a good reading, and that was about it. Fill in the info the app asks for (this is very comprehensive and asks about exerice, height, weight, stress levels, light levels, issues you have with your sleep and much more so it can get a good gauge on what might be affecting you) connect the phone to the unit using Bluetooth so a green light shows on the front of the white unit and away you go! Super simple.

Resmed S+ sleep device

My husband literally couldn’t wait to go to bed that first night to…try it out. Again folks, don’t get all excited this post is about SLEEP!

He connected his phone up to the S+, he selected for it to play him some soothing sounds to help him get to sleep (this is one of the many functions the S+ offers. The sounds gradually slow down and get quieter in order to make you relax and then drift off to sleep. I have to say, the sound he had chosen sounded a bit like an ethereal being was stood singing in the corner of the bedroom, but it seemed to do the job for him and he was asleep in no time).

The next morning, he excitedly looked at the data the app had collected to see how he slept. Like a child on Christmas morning he was!

It broke his sleep down into deep sleep, REM sleep and light sleep. Apparently, and this is an ongoing theme until this day, he didn’t get enough REM sleep and this REM sleep is what apparently allows your brain to relax and is the holy grail for those who feel tired. You are more likely to dream during REM sleep and it’s where your body can truly relax, so this is what he needed to improve.

In order to improve on this REM sleep score, the S+ recommended Mr Knutts went to bed at, wait for it, 9:30pm. An hour after our almost 9 year old does. I stifled my rage at this machine giving him permission to relax and get to bed whilst I was sorting packed lunches, folding washing from the Tumble Dryer, locking the house up, loading the dishwasher and reminded myself he has had a busy day *ahem, so have I, ahem* and we mustn’t get resentful about these things must we.

So, off he trotted, at 9:30pm, up the stairs to Beddington and snuggled down to his dreamy music once again.

This continued for the next week and a half. He almost became a bit obsessive about it and I could literally see him getting fidgety about 9:15, preempting the S+ app’s demands for an early bedtime. I got used to it in the end and used the time to watch my TV programmes in peace and quiet. Not all bad, we have to find some joy in these moments of madness.

Luckily, the S+ has tracked his sleep for 4 weeks now and currently it suggests a more reasonable time of 10pm. This is *on a good night* when I hit the hay anyway so I don’t find that as galling as 9:30…

It has so far suggested making the room darker, turning the heating down and then more general things which are proven to help sleep like having less caffeine or trying to get some more exercise in (which is easier said than done after a long day at work).

Mr Knutts is now at a point, after using it for 4 weeks, where he has begun averaging a score of between 85 and 95 out of 100 for his sleep quality. Without sounding too bitter and twisted, I’d be pretty happy with that if it was me. Mr Knutts however, isn’t going to rest (excuse the sleep pun) until he hits 100. Hard work this sleep malarkey isn’t it?! Hopefully it won’t tell him to go to bed any earlier than 9:30pm.

The S+ has lots of different cool things to help ensure you get a good nights sleep; from the calming sounds I told you about, to a notepad function so you can jot down anything that pops into your head to help ‘clear your mind’ before you go to sleep…

Mr Knutts has said that he likes the S+ and it has been interesting to see what type of sleep he is getting and when. He isn’t sure it has made much difference to his actual sleep but I beg to differ because I have been accosted by the Matrix-mouthed sleeping ninja far less of late, and I have to say it coincided with getting the S+ so we shall wait and see if the random sleep quirks are held at bay. Let’s hope so! His main gripe is that it can take quite a while to connect his phone with it (it can be temperament and loose connection) which, when he is tired and just wants to sleep, can drive him a bit bonkers. Who knows, but that was his feedback. He thinks it would be a good investment for anyone struggling with their sleep and would suggest trying it if you’re at a real loss as to what to do to improve it.

Essentially, I think my husband needs to hibernate like a bear (with a sore head) does and this might improve his tiredness levels.

You can buy you own sleep helper in the form of the S+ by ResMed online and you can view their website here.

Disclosure: I was sent a ResMed S+ for the purpose of this review. All words, thoughts, opinions and photos are my own.