“What has happened to my life?!”

I seem to ask myself this a lot these days.

Don’t get me wrong, I love my life, my little (bonkers) family and I wouldn’t change it for the world, but some days, when you’re at the end of your tether, you really do just yearn for the simpler, quieter days of old. You know, the days when you could decide, “Oh, it’s a nice day, I’m going to pop to the local garden centre to have a browse about”, or, “Oh, it’s a nice day, I’m going to sit in a pub garden and watch the world go by”, and you would just grab your bag, your keys, your wallet and your phone and go. You know, those kinds of days.

Nowadays, if I want to ‘pop out’ somewhere, it is literally a military operation.

Not only do I have to sort myself out, but it is often my 3 boys…and my husband too! 😉

My husband doesn’t understand it. Even if we pop up the road, I feel the need to throw half the larder into my bag and at least 30 nappies, a change of outfit for each child, rain coats, suncream, sun hats, umbrellas, you name it, it goes in the bag. You have to prepare for all eventualities, don’t you?!

Mary Poppins and her magic bag have nothing on me, I can tell you…

I had to swap my bag over the other day because I went out. As in, out without the children, out. Out like a grown up, out. You get the idea. I was me for the night rather than just, ‘mum’. It was lovely, but I had to condense my rather large bag into a much smaller one and I was, quite frankly, astonished at the stuff I consider ‘essential’. I think I have lost the plot somewhere between babies number 2 and 3, though I’m sure my husband would disagree and would say I have always been like it. Why I lug this stuff with me on 2 school runs per day, as well as on walks and days out is beyond me, but I am sure you can all relate to it.

Here is what I (shamefully) emptied out of my ‘daily essentials’ bag, otherwise known as my ‘Sac de Magique’…



My enormous, Mummy rucksack. My ‘sac de magique’ if you will…



Everything I need to do a school run…apparently.

 An Ella’s Kitchen Fruit Pouch (not in a cocktail this time!)

Some (insanely overpriced) toddler snacks

Some Tic-tacs

Some Mints

Some Fruity Polos

My house keys

My car key

Some headphones*

(*you know, for all those occasions I walk on my own somewhere and I can actually listen to some music or a podcast of The Archers)

Some Suncream

Some Lipgloss

Some Lipbalm

Some Lipstick**

(**why I have all 3 of these in my bag at the same time is beyond me. I rarely wear any of them!)

A notepad and pen (because clearly I can’t fathom how to use notepad on my iPhone)

A Sugar laden Capri-Sun Juice Pouch


Baby Wipes

Some old concert tickets

Some old cinema tickets

A mini torch

My Phone***

(***essential to receive all those phone calls from school to say your child has, once again, had a crash up in the playground and so the toddler can watch Peppa Pig whilst you’re out shopping in the supermarket. Talking of which, the amount of Data my toddler has been using of late whilst watching the Kinder Egg lady on YouTube while we are in Morrisons is just astonishing! Couple that with my eldest being obsessed with sodding Pokemon Go which only works on my phone while we are out and about, I fear it may be time to shop around for a better mobile phone deal fairly soon…joy).

My Purse

…oh, and a Norman Price toy from Fireman Sam. An ‘everyday bag’ essential that one.

Why the hell do I have so much stuff?! At what point in my life am I going to be able to ditch half of it and just go out with the essentials again?

Just my keys, my phone and my wallet.

It’ll happen one day and then rather than having to lug about an enormous Mum Rucksack (which is actually not the most hideous looking practical bag, thank the lord for Accessorize!) I will be able to have a nice, neat, little satchel or something. One day…

That or I’ll just completely have given up and I’ll cart all my belongings about in a supermarket bag for life or something glam like that 😉

What do you carry about in your ‘Mum bag’?

Are you worse than me?!


Disclosure: This is a sponsored post, however all words and views are my own.