Dinner of Champions…


The dinner of champions…
Oh, who the bloody hell am I kidding, it’s the dinner of an exhausted mum who just wants to go to bed.

The toddler isn’t asleep yet.

One of the boys is apparently so hot in bed he wants to sleep naked with the window open (he does realise it’s winter doesn’t he…?!? And no, he’s not poorly. He’s just odd).

The other one has got verbal diarrhea and is insisting on repeating last nights ‘bad dream’ to me which is preventing him from going to sleep (so far it’s involved an army of men made from sand, a tornado, a shark that can walk on land as well as swim in the sea and a pork pie that could talk. No, I’m not making this up…)

For pudding I’ve got a coconut dessert. Ok, ok, you got me, it’s Malibu…


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  1. January 29, 2016 / 1:34 pm

    Hahaha “ok, you got me, it’s Malibu.” Too funny! Oh mom life. 🙂

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