Knickerbocker Story

It’s really been one of those mornings…
Actually, I think I say that a lot, I’ll rephrase.
It’s been a typical morning in our household.
Daddy was sent off to work with his sons Thomas the Tank engine lunchbox to delight on at lunchtime, the toddler did a poo immediately as I put him in the pushchair ready to go to school (Side Note: I am certain he does this on purpose. It’s either a tactical poo by our mini mastermind of chaos to delay me and make us late for school, or he’s nervous of my pushchair driving and does it out of fear…) and finally, to top it off, I put the toddler in his coat and, as we are about to run out the door, I notice he has a pair of my m&s specials stuck to the Velcro on his coat after its visit to the tumble dryer.
Good job I noticed before we started walking to school. 
There’s nothing more embarrassing than having a pair of your mums undercrackers stuck to your coat.
I’m sure it’s happened to us all, no…?
Maybe it’ll catch on and be this seasons must have fashion accessory.

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