Northumberland Holiday: Day 6 (and Britmums Daily Photo Challenge: Day 31 – End)


Day 6 in the Holiday Cottage, we wake up to find 2 people out of the 7 of us are still sick – and the rest are eating a fry up for breakfast in order to deter the lurgie. Purely medicinal, I hope you all understand…

Luke is now getting better slowly and surely and manages to eat 3 spoonfuls of frosties and drink a cup of tea. My mum has begun to come down with a cold type bug a bit more now too and isn’t feeling top dollar. Funny how kids are utterly shite at sharing stuff unless it’s crap stuff like lurgies, half eaten biscuits with slobber over them and tissues covered in their bogeys.

Despite them not feeling top dollar still, it’s an utterly gorgeous day and too good to stay in so we decide on a drive so those that are sick can sleep or just rest and those of us that aren’t can sightsee a bit and maybe get out to stretch their legs a little. It’s a little like an OAP coach tour, but without the smell of White Musk and Elnett in the vehicle….

We don’t have a plan of where we are going (this always ends badly in past experience) but know we can get into the North of the National Park pretty easily from where we are staying so we load the car up and set off.

We come to a little village called Wooler, it’s very quaint and has all the essentials like a post office, pub and bakery. We drive past a road and my husband then decides, once we have gone past it, that we should have turned down it. We turn around and go back towards it. We then miss it again after turning around, so we turn around again. 3rd time lucky, we manage to turn down the correct road. It was my fault we kept missing the turning dispite me announcing a few metres before it that, “this is the turning we need!” – that wasn’t sufficient enough and I should maybe invest in some dual controls for the car in time for our next trip away…

After driving down some winding roads, almost running over a few pheasants and eating a few toffees, we reach the end of the road. It’s a car park which says it’s the end of the line but actually, there is a road marked on our map and my Husband thinks we can drive along it. I am adamant we shouldn’t. He thinks I’m boring and playing it too safe. After a little debate, we agree as a car that we shouldn’t drive down it and turn around. Undeterred however, my husband is now adamant he must find another way into the National Park. The imposter Stig has returned…lord help us.

We drive for a while through woods and rolling hills and even manage to come across a could of Fords much to my husbands delight – “splash!” the car goes into the water. His little face lights up like that of a teenage boy who is helping dress models at a Bikini Fashion Show.

We eventually manage to find a way into the park but this is the road that greets us…

  Now, the photo doesn’t do it justice but, there is a sheer drop at the end of this tree lined road. It looks very steep and I’m not entirely sure we should be on this road but descend we do and, again, hubby is super chuffed as he can play with the gadgets on the Land Rover and explain to us what he’s doing and why. I couldn’t give a toss what he’s doing and why and I’m now holding onto the door handle and my armrest for dear life again. I also develop cramp in my right butt cheek because I’m tensing so much…

Once we are into the park, as much as it pains me to admit it, we see a number of cars in there parked up, one of which is a little Fiat with 3 old ladies sat next to it on camping chairs eating sandwiches and drinking tea from a flask. The hill can’t have been that steep after all if all these folk had navigated it too.

We park up in a little spot next to the river and Jump out to have a little look. The water babbles over the rocks and boulders in the river and it’s shallow enough to paddle in at points. We spend a good hour throwing cobbles into the water, playing skipping stones (I did a few good ones, I was very proud of myself) and playing a good old game of Pooh Sticks…







Agter being scared crapless by a fighter jet flying really low over our heads, disturbing the peace – it literally came out of nowhere but it was pretty awesome to see it – we got back in the car and made our way back to the holiday house. The drive home was much quieter and we saw a few deer and a couple of castles.

Upon arriving back, Nanny and Luke had a lie down and the rest of us kitted up for an evening stroll through the dunes to the beach for one last time. The forecast for Friday wasn’t good so we knew this would be the last visit to the gorgeous beach. 

We walked for almost 2 hours, the sun shone and the wind stayed down for the most part. It was a really pleasant evening. The toddler and my middle one had a fab time running free range and enjoyed chasing the waves as the tide crept in. Super monents, just a shame my mum and my eldest couldn’t join us…









And here is my last photo for the Britmums Daily Photo challenge – Day 31: End.

The end of a wonderful spring day and almost the end of our holiday…this photo sums up all that has been perfect with this holiday.x




  1. GeorgieMoon
    April 2, 2016 / 6:30 pm

    Despite the lurgies, it sounds like you have had a proper family holiday in a wonderful place, I hope your children will remember it for a long time to come!

  2. April 2, 2016 / 6:32 pm

    Thanks Georgie!! Indeed we did – sadly my mum is so poorly today (we just got home) she could only just sit/lie in the car to come home. Absolutely rotten germs this year….

  3. GeorgieMoon
    April 2, 2016 / 6:59 pm

    Yes, we too have been struck down for the past two weeks. You must be wearing a suit with special powers to have missed it….

  4. April 5, 2016 / 8:28 pm

    Ah I love Woller my grandparents lived there so I spent every summer there riding ponys in the countryside. I feel homesick reading these posts and I only live in Newcastle an hour or so away lol xx

  5. April 5, 2016 / 8:33 pm

    Ah, no! Bless you! Xx
    I hope you can get back there soon – may half term coming up soon, maybe then.
    All of it was stunning and the history around there was beyond comprehension – Vikings, Saints, William Wallace, all sorts! X

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