The quiz…

We attempted a pub lunch today during a day out for the middle ones birthday.
Insanity in itself, I know.
The kids menus had games and quizzes on for them to do and they set about trying to do them.
The eldest one had one of the quizzes done in a shot.
You had to draw a line from the food stuff listed to the animal it comes from. Some had multiple answers but he even got those. Easy as (a steak and Stilton…yum!) pie.
The middle one needed a little help with reading the items and animals so I assisted him.
Me: “Zak, what animal helps you to make cheese?”
Zak: “a mouse?”
Christ. You cannot be serious…
Me: “Zak, what animal do you get wool from?”
Zak: “a fluffy rabbit”.
He’s not my child…
Zak: “mummy, chips are made from cows”.
Me: “are they Zak?!”
Zak: “yes. Because it says ‘beef cut’ chips on the menu”.
I see your logic little one, but you really are one confused birthday boy.
“Happy birthday to Moo!” 😉

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