Britmums Daily Photo Challenge: Day 23 – Drink

Today’s word is: Drink

Oh for goodness sake… 
How on earth was I supposed to choose any one photo to represent one of my main loves in life?!
It’s an impossible task, much like trying to lick your ear, or trying to lick your elbow, or trying to understand why so many Americans love Donald Trump….

I couldn’t decide on one photo, so instead, I came up with this ingenious flowchart to happiness…do have a go and let me know your results 😉🍸🍸

I’m just waiting for the toddler to shrivel up into a prune in the bath so he will let me get him out without having to wrestle him – wresting a toddler is not fun at any time, but especially when he is wet and can quickly end up resembling a baby seal going down a slide covered in olive oil… 

Make sure you have yourself a beverage this evening in honour of today’s photo challenge word. 

Any excuse is a good one eh?!