Deer with a Beer: Day 1

deer with a beer version of elf on the shelf

How is it December 1st today?!

How I ask thee?!

I hope your younglings enjoy opening the first door on their advent calendars today…

(“Why can we only open one door each day?!”)

…and that you all have a wonderful run-up to the big day!

To help you guys make it to Christmas day without loosing the will to live, I have devised a little story.

I wrote the story last Christmas but I only had 2 readers then (thanks mum & dad!) so I’m sharing it again!


(Sorry in advance…)

It’s a take on the Elf on the Shelf but I called my version, Deer with a Beer. See what I did there?!

So, tune in each day between now and Christmas Day for a new addition to the tale. I promise it’s (kind of, maybe, probably not) funny.

Click here to read Day 1!


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