Gin & Tonic four ways – A Life is Knutts version…

It’s tough being a parent.

I know people tell you to ‘cherish every moment’ and ask for time to slow down because their children are growing up too fast, but do you know what, sometimes it is so tough being responsible for these small humans we created that quite often, you can feel overwhelmed.

You can’t get any peace and quiet for yourself – not even to go for a pee in the toilet – and because of that, sometimes we need a bit of help from an alcoholic beverage or two.

I keep seeing this video spring up on Facebook, Gin and Tonic four ways, and it got me thinking (dangerous, I know…).

I thought, wow, these look nice but I also thought, if I make one of these drinks and try to sit down with it, I’ll inevitably end up with one of the children yelling at me to wipe their poo bum, or to help them make a dragon out of a toilet roll tube and some pipe cleaners, or something like that. You never get 5 minutes peace.

So, I decided to make my own video.

Ladies and gents, I give you, Gin & Tonic four ways. A Life is Knutts version…

Thank you and goodnight…from under the bed with a G&T 😉


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