Hair today, gone…today

To top off my utterly crap week, I’ve had to spend an hour of my evening tonight fixing my sons hair because he decided to cut it himself. By cut I mean hack. With some nail scissors…

Edward ‘chuffing’ scissorhands he bloody well ain’t!!!!!!

“He’s a boy! He already has short hair!” I imagine you’ll all say…

No, sadly he didn’t have short hair, it was quite long and unruly at the moment and he’s hacked the front of it back to the scalp. It was basically beyond help…


I’ve managed to fashion it into a vaguely acceptable “thing” and with the help of lots of hair product it may look almost normal, compared to the Friar Tuck cut he was sporting only an hour ago.

I can’t cut hair. I felt sick that I was going to do more harm than good and after the already shite week I’ve had, a Monday night G&T is not out of the question.

Roll on Easter Holidays….