Get your Bake On: Baked Blueberry Breakfast Oats

Baked Blueberry Breakfast Oats

In a futile bid to stop the summer belly bulge, I have tried to eat a bit better this week (if you don’t include the fish and chip supper Wednesday and the copious amount of cake I ate Sunday. Ahem). Why does stuff that’s bad for you have to taste so good?!

Since I was little, breakfast has been my nemesis. I’ve always struggled to eat too early in the morning (unless it’s a Bacon Sarnie/fry up obvs) and so I figured that if I make something ahead of time, I then have to eat it so it doesn’t go to waste. I have tried overnight oats and bircher muesli which are quite nice but when I saw a recipe similar to this one I’m sharing with you all over on Pinterest the other day, I had to have a tinker with it and see what I could come up with.

Despite the fact it might look a bit like a crumble, these baked blueberry breakfast oats are in fact not very sweet at all. Served warm with some cool and creamy vanilla yoghurt (or whatever you fancy) this is the perfect for fuelling you up until lunchtime.

Why not try this recipe with some different fruit of your choice? Some raspberries would work equally well, as would stewed apples or pears.

 Baked Blueberry breakfast oats recipe

Baked Blueberry Breakfast Oats


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