Get your Bake On: Traditional Farmhouse Cake


With Easter edging ever closer, our minds start being filled with visions of mounds of chocolate eggs for the next week or two – yes, I might have been counting Creme Eggs to get myself to sleep some nights. I know they aren’t quite the same anymore but I am still a sucker for one. Or 5.

*On that point, they seem to have shrunk again this year don’t they? I think by next year we might as well by their Mini version because they will probably be bigger than the proper Creme Egg. Sad times).

That said, if you’re not a chocolate fan, or you know someone who isn’t (I wish I wasn’t, as does my shapely behind) I’m here to lend you a helping hand and offer a non-chocolate alternative. It’s a recipe for a traditional ‘Farmhouse Cake’ (which in my world is a simple, lightly spiced, raisin filled cake) which would make a lovely alternative easter gift for someone – delivered in a nice cake tin along with a box of tea bags would be my suggestion – and the fact it’s been lovingly homemade has to be a winner.

When we were on holiday in Dorset last week, we were greeted at the holiday cottage with a freshly made one of these and it was so lovely to have a just baked cake to welcome us for the week. The lovely cottage owner had baked it and it was truly delicious. It’s one of those cakes that often gets overlooked because it’s not gaudy or particularly eye-catching, but it has to be up there in my top 5 cakes of all time. You can’t beat well baked simplicity sometimes.

As I said, if you serve this cake with a nice cup of tea, I guarantee it’ll go down a storm.

Farmhouse cake



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