Life is Knutts is Nominated for the MADS – MAD Blog Awards 2016


Thanks to all of you beautiful Knutters who have nominated me for the MADS, I never even thought I’d get a look in but I just got this tweet (see bottom of my scrawl) from the ‘powers that be’ at the MADS and I’ve been nominated for blog of the year! 😳😊👍🏻
It’s only a nomination (and realistically, I’m up against people who have been blogging years and have an army of thousands of loyal followers) but that in itself is enough to make my day! Week! Year in fact!!!

Thank you all very much.

It’s improved my day immensely – I’ve spent it playing resentful nurse to all 4 boys in my house who are all feeling very sorry for themselves after having the mother of all stomach upsets/sickness bugs.
The scenes in my bathroom last night were like something out of the exorcist and I almost booked a one way ticket to Australia, but I hate spiders so I thought better of it and I resorted to Gin instead… 😉

Much love you complete Knutters.xx

And you can still vote for me here…

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