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Jadu Tea, London

A review by Life is Knutts

“A cup of tea makes everything better”

George Orwell famously wrote a piece on Tea, and the correct way to drink it, back in 1946. It was first published in the London Evening Standard.

Orwell wrote that “tea is one of the mainstays of civilisation in this country and causes violent disputes over how it should be made”, and his rules cover such matters as the best shape for a teacup, the advisability of using water that is still boiling and his preference for very strong tea. He also considers what he calls “one of the most controversial points of all” – whether to put tea in the cup first and add the milk after, or the other way around, acknowledging, “indeed in every family in Britain there are probably two schools of thought on the subject”.

Orwell says tea should be poured first because “one can exactly regulate the amount of milk whereas one is liable to put in too much milk if one does it the other way round.

“I maintain that my own argument is unanswerable,” he writes. I have your back George, don’t you worry. The tea goes in first here too.

You can read George Orwell’s Tea Article here.

Today, Thursday 21st April, just happens to be National Tea Day here in the UK.

Could you think of a more appropriate day for a tea review?! I think not. So, without further ado, here is my review of Jadu Tea.


Who are Jadu Tea?

jadu-tea-300x300Jadu Tea are an online, luxury tea brand. They have won awards in the ‘Great Taste Awards 2015’ for their Mademoiselle Grey Tea and China Green Tea Blends.

Jadu is an ancient Sanskrit word which means ‘magic’ and they say that their mission is, ‘to conjure a little magic through the exploration of the enchanting and spellbinding world of tea.’

Jadu Tea offer high quality, luxury gifts teas which would be perfect for any tea lovers you know. I think they would make the perfect gift for new parents who are going to need their body weight in tea to get themselves through those crazy first few weeks!

The company are passionate about making tea drinking a more opulent experience and they have done thorough research into the different blends and their various potential health benefits.

Mademoiselle Grey


On their website, this Mademoiselle Grey tea is described as, “Our flirtatious take on the classic favourite Earl Grey uses refreshing Sri Lankan Uva black tea as a base. The distinctive citrus character of this delicate tea perfectly complements the zesty, aromatic Bergamot with which this blend is generously scented. Finished with bright citrus notes of lemon, orange and lemongrass and a sprinkling of delightfully striking red cornflowers”.

Upon opening the utterly gorgeous blue velvet and gold box these tea bags come in, you’re greeted by the sight of individually sealed tea bags. Freshness guarenteed. The tea bags are fillied with the most colourful array of ingredients I’ve ever seen in a tea bag and it’s a treat for the eyes. Pink (from the cornflowers), light green (from the lemongrass), yellow and orange (from the lemon and orange peel). It smells fragrant and fresh when you open it too.


Sri Lankan black tea, Lemon peel, Orange peel, Lemongrass, Red Cornflowers.

Best Served:

Infuse 3g of tea in 200ml of freshly boiled water for 3-5 minutes, and drink with or without milk.

My Opinion:

I LOVE this tea, as did my husband who had a cup with his bacon sandwich at the weeken! It’s honestly one of the nicest teas I’ve ever had and made a change from an Earl Grey as it was lighter and not as pungent. I drank mine without milk to start with and then with milk and I enjoyed it both ways, but I would have to be honest and say I do prefer a little dash of milk in my tea.

It’s refreshing, different, and the whole theatre of opening the pretty box and the beautiful tea bags makes you feel like you’re indulging in something out of the ordinary and really special.

I even managed to drink it hot and whilst sat down on a chair thanks to the fact my toddler had found a new love for cleaning and was amusing himself with a dustpan and brush. Talk about role reversal! Absoloutely marvellous!

My Rating:



12 Tea Bags – £16.50 or 100g Loose Leaf Sachet – £21.50


Rooibos Creme Brulee


The next tea I tried was the Rooibos Creme Brulee which smells absoloutely amazing. It sounded really interesting too, how could anyone resist the sound of a tea that tastes like a dessert?! Not me, that’s for sure! As soon as you open the sachet, you can smell caramel and cinnamon. I thought it smelt a bit like Iced Cinnamon Buns! Which just happen to be my favourite type of bun, so I was in heaven straight away.

This tea is based on Rooibos, which is a South African herb. It is Caffine free so a great choice if you’re not a fan of a caffine hit or if you’re just trying to cut down on it. It does, however, contain nuts, so please bear this in mind.

Their website describes this tea as, “A smooth, decadent, sweet treat in the form of an innocent herbal infusion. This indulgent blend is based on rooibos, a South African herb that is a popular naturally caffeine-free alternative to tea, combined beautifully with rich caramel and hints of cinnamon. Rich in vitamins and minerals, this blend also tastes great with a splash milk. The perfect way to treat yourself without the calorie-count.


Rooibos, Cinnamon, Caramel pieces (Sugar, Inverted Sugar), Hazelnut pieces, Calendula petals.

Best Served

Infuse 3g of tea in 200ml of freshly boiled water for 3 minutes, and drink with or without milk.

My Opinion:

Another winner in my eyes. I’ve never had a tea like it and I throughly enjoyed it. The sweet cinnamon smell increases once it’s brewed and it’s just delightful to drink. I had this one without milk but I will try some again soon with milk and maybe add a touch of sugar to see what happens to the flavour. I have a very sweet tooth!

It is a loose leaf tea so make sure you have the right equipment to brew it. Once brewed, it gives a lovely golden caramel colour which is really appealing.

If you’re after something a little out of the ordinary, and you like cinnamon, then this one is for you.

My rating:



Gift Box 100g – £21.50 or Refill Sachet 100g – £11.50


China Green


I have to be honest, I am not a fan of Green Tea. I’m more a milk and a cheeky sugar type of girl, but I was keen to give this one a go. China Green is a full bodied green tea. Green tea is renowned for being full of antioxidants and to aid in weight loss (hmmm…maybe I should drink it a bit more???) by helping to increase your metabolism.  I did try a cup though and my husband is a Green Tea fan so he was keen on this one.

Thir website describe it as, “An exquisitely smooth, full-bodied green tea from the Yunnan province of China, one of the oldest tea growing regions in the world. These carefully rolled leaves are reputedly full of antioxidants. Sit back and allow the subtly sweet, grassy green liquor to gently refresh and revive you”.


Chinese green tea

Best Served

Heat freshly drawn water to about 80°C, infuse 3g of tea per 200ml for 2 minutes and drink without milk.

My Opinion:

This is a strong, potent Green tea. It had a strong smell once brewed and had a pale green/yellow colour to it. My husband loved it and said it was one of the best Green Teas he has tasted. I also gave a few bags to my mum to try as she is also a fan of Green Tea and it’s health benefits. I quite liked trying it, and it was nice to try something new, but as I’m a traditional Brit when it comes to tea (milk and sugar please Guvnor!), and not as health consicous as I should be, I probably wouldn’t go out of my way to buy it again. My husband, however, would.

 My rating:

7.5/10 (My husbands rating: 10/10)


12 tea bags – £16.00 or 100g loose leaf tea – £21.50


English Breakfast


Now we’re talkin’ me old china! A good old cup of Traditional Rosey-Lea.

I got sent 4 bags of English Breakfast tea to try. I love a cup of tea at the weekend (during the week I’m more of a coffee drinker – i need the caffine thanks to my crazy kids!) but on a Sunday, along with a bacon Sandwich, you can’t beat a good cup of English Tea.

Their website describes it as, “A smooth and satisfying blend of premium black teas: rich, malty tippy golden Assam combined with bright and refreshing Sri Lankan Uva Orange Pekoe. The classic all day long pick-me-up”.


Assam black tea, Sri Lankan black tea

Best Served

Infuse 3g of tea in 200ml of freshly boiled water for 3-5 minutes, and drink with or without milk.

My Opinion:

I absoloutely loved this Breakfast Tea. It was strong, even when only brewed for a short time thanks to the special material tea nets the tea comes in, and is everything you could want from a Breakfast Tea. I tried it black, and it was nice but too strong for me, so I added a splash of milk (and a sugar..shhhhhh!) and it was wonderful. So much so, I had 2 cups! My husband also loved this tea and has his served black. He said you could really taste how fragrant it was and that it went very well with his Bacon Sarnie!

My rating:



12 tea bags – £16.00 or 100g Loose Leaf Tea – £21.50

So, that’s the end of my review for Jadu Tea. I hope you all found it useful and that if you know a tea lover, you’ll bear this company in mind when looking for a unique gift. It really is opulent tea so treat someone (or yourself!) and give it a whirl!

You can find their website here where you can buy their smashing tea – Jadu Tea Online

Pinkies in the air chaps and chappettes! Chin chin!

(now if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to the loo. I’ve drunk an awful lot of tea today…)


*I was sent these Teas to try free of charge, by Jadu Tea, in return for an honest review. All opinions and words are my own and I have not been paid for this review.



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    Never tried Jadu Tea before. Interesting
    On the other hand, please which host are you using for your blog?

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    Hi Jaqueline!
    I use TSO Host for my blog and a free WordPress Tamplate for the blog itself.
    I’d not heard of Jadu tea before either but it was super lovely.

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