Britmums Daily Photo challenge: Day 12 – Concrete


Latin concretus, past participle of concrescere ‘grow together’.
Britmums Daily Photo Challenge: Day 12 – Concrete
At first, when I saw today’s word I was like, hmmmm, well, I could use a photo of our extension being built this time last year? But then I thought that might be a bit boring so dug a little deeper.

Upon looking up the definition of concrete, it would appear that (going by the definition above from the Oxford English  Dictionary) it’s past participle in Latin was, concrescere ‘grow together’.

And with that, I came up with this little photo collage to express that…


3 little people. 3 journeys which will begin together and then divide to take their own path, but whatever path they take, I hope they’ll always meet each other somewhere along it…

I’m lucky, really lucky.

I’ve been able to have 3 happy, healthy, little boys who are turning into lovely little people (despite what I often write about… 😉) and I’m so thankful for that.

I count my blessings and even after a ‘bad day’ with them, all is forgiven when you go in and check on them at bedtime and they’re snoozing away all angelically, tucked up safe and sound in their beds (even if that is only for a couple of hours where the toddler is concerned!!)

I love that my boys have each other. They’ll always have a friend, always have an ally, and that’s priceless.

They’re growing so fast, but I’m so glad they’re able to grow together. Siblings are a special thing – even if they do call each other ‘smelly poo poo bum head’ on a daily basis at some point. They’ll thank me when they’re older.

Keep growing together boys. And I’ll try to be there every step of the way to help support you as you go…


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