Fantastic Mr Fox… (the Fruit Kebab Extrordinaire!)


A converstaion overheard between my 2 eldest boys this morning…

Zak: “Foxes invented Fruit Kebabs, Luke, did you know that?”

Luke: “What, Foxes? They invented Kebabs with Fruit on? Fruit on a stick?!”

Zak: “Yep! They did”.

(Silent pause)

Luke: “Muuuummmyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!”

Me: “Yes, Luke”

Luke: “Zak said Foxes invented Fruit Kebabs…but Foxes have paws not hands so how do they make them?!”

Me: “Are you being serious???”

Luke: “Yes! Zak said Foxes invented Fruit Kebabs and I wanted to check with you if he was lying or not…”

Me: “Right…”

(Silent Pause)

Me: “Zak, did you mean Foxes Class at school?”

Zak: “Yes Mummy! Not real Foxes, that would be silly!”

Me: “Yes, wouldn’t it be silly, Luke…?”

(Luke looks embarrassed and goes a shade of pink)

Luke: “I didn’t know that’s what Zak meant, I thought he meant that Foxes that live outside invented Fruit Kebabs. I know they like eating from bins but not fruit on a stick…”


Little did Mrs Fox know, Mr Fox was actually off inventing Fruit Kebabs, you know, Fruit on a Stick…

And that Ladies and Gents, is the epitome of taking something literally, regardless of how stuid or unfeasible it sounds.

(Bangs head on table)





  1. April 22, 2016 / 12:35 pm

    SO Cute!!!!! x

  2. admin
    April 22, 2016 / 12:38 pm

    So cute, and so silly Bless them. They do make me giggle.x
    Thanks for reading and commenting!xx

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