Life is Knutts – Guest Post for Life with Baby Kicks!


I’ve written a little guest post for the lovely Laura over at, Life with Baby Kicks!


What a week!

A BritMums Newbie Blogger mention, a wonderful culinary guest post and now this!

(Rest assured my lovely Knutters, the Gin will be getting poured after the kids bedtime this evening!)

This all came about because the lovely Laura commented on my blog post the other day, My week with the Toddler…in song. A, ‘row, row, row the boat’ parody.

As she was reading it, she was having bread hurled at her head, food lobbed across the table onto the floor, and her lovingly prepared meal was fast become a chimps teaparty.

Sounds like a standard teatime in my household too Laura, fear not my friend. This is where the Gin normally comes in handy…

Laura (perhaps jokingly) said it would be wonderful if I could write something similar for her, a nursery rhyme parody, but to do with her ongoing mealtime shenanigans.

I, of course, jumped at the opportunity so got scribbling and a new version of Hickory-dickory-dock was born.

I sent it to Laura (not for one minute thinking she would find it remotely amusing, let alone post it on her blog – I did pounce on her at her most vulnerable, I’d agree to pretty much anything whilst I’m in the midst of mealtime carnage!) but to my utter joy, that’s exactly what she has done!

So, thanks very much for being so brave (and kind) and you can read the blog post over on Life with Baby Kicks by clicking here.

Life with Baby Kicks is a really brilliant, well established, blog.

Laura began writing her blog while she was pregnant with baby number 2, and while she was mum to a toddler who got an immense amount of joy from kicking her (I have one of those too, sadistic, sorry I meant spirited, little pickles!). She writes about a multitude of things, all centrered around motherhood, pregnancy and parenting, but in a really heartfelt way.

She currently lives in Dubai so has a wealth of experience from being an Ex-Pat and loves travelling. She also runs a blog linky called #effitfriday which i’ve (naturally because I love a good rant!) joined in with a few times. It’s a great way to find new bloggers and to have a bit of a vent!

One of my favourite blog posts of Laura’s is this one, Today Parenting was tough.

It resonated so much with me and I am sure any parent who reads it will understand exactly what Laura is saying. We’ve all ben there at bedtime, wracked with the guilt that we shouted a little too much that day, that we didn’t have as much fun as we had hoped, that tomorrow will be a better day (and then inevitably it’s not and the guilt starts all over again…) – it’s a really wonderful post and I think it shows off Laura’s writing at it’s best. Honest, funny, emotional and moving.

Thanks once again for letting me, the potty mouthed Knutter, loose on your blog Laura. You’re super-smashing-great!

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    May 12, 2016 / 12:27 pm

    awesome. And thanks for being so kind!x

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