Northumberland Holiday – Day 1 (and Britmums Daily Photo Challenge: Day 26 – Door)


So, we’ve made it. After a 7 hour journey we are in Northumberland and the weather is absolutely….awful 😂🙈☔️

As suspected, Hubby had a meltdown loading the car up (even though we had room to spare in there) and our eldest woke up with full blown flu…. 😢

The poor love has slept almost all day and even said he doesn’t want any eggs from the Easter bunny tomorrow!

Still, once we arrived, all of us except my mum and my eldest, managed to get out (in our waterproofs!) and investigate the walk from our holiday cottage to the beach. It’s 3/4 of a mile down a private road and then over the sand dunes to the sea.

The beach itself is beautiful, with a castle to the north and south of it, and the walk down there is quite picturesque too.

Sadly, the universe conspired against us and on the way back we got caught in the heaviest rain I can recall for a long time. It was like we were stood at the side of a swimming pool and Peter Kay had just ‘dived’ in… “Top Bombing!”

Here’s a little film I took….(my husband is reassuring the middle one that he’s not going to die in the deluge which is what he was afraid of).

By the time we got in we all looked like we had piddled ourselves and were in dire need of a cup of tea (gin).

And here is a photo of a lovely cottage we walked past on the way to the beach for my daily photo challenge, which today is the word; door.

As I didn’t manage to get a photo of me slamming the boot door down on my husbands head for having a tantrum about loading the car, I settled for this one. 

I loved this cottage. It’s like how you’d have drawn a house as a child. 4 windows evenly spaced and a door in the middle.


It almost looks like a dolls house.

The daffodils were in full, glorious bloom and spring had definitely sprung as the little lambs were bleating away in the field next door too. Though, I always feel bad looking at the lambs, saying how cute they are and knowing the irony is, many of us will be tucking into a roast one of these tomorrow afternoon…

Happy Easter one and all! 



  1. GeorgieMoon
    March 26, 2016 / 9:05 pm

    Glad you got there ok. Raining everywhere, I think. Hurricane Katie! Why did you take a photo of someone else’s cottage? What’s wrong with your cottage? Probably you don’t want anyone to track you down….. Or maybe you accidentally booked a flat in a tower block and don’t want to admit it…. The beach sounds lovely, I hope you manage to spend some time there, huddled in your waterproofs on a deckchair, grasping a thermos full of gin!

  2. March 27, 2016 / 11:37 am

    Happy holiday! Hope your poor son feels better soon.

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