Northumberland Holiday: Day 4 (and Britmums Daily a Photo Challenge: Day 29 – Size)


A new dawn, a new day, a new person down with the lurgie….

The toddler and my eldest are now both down with a flu type bug and my mum (who is away with us also) appears to be going down with it as well. Bad times.

The well ones start the day in the only feasible way when you’re trying to prevent illness….with a fry up. Prevention is better than cure, right??

There is still little to no improvement in my eldest and he spends most of the day sleeping, watching Jurrassic World on a loop and sleeping again. It’s worrying when you’re 30 minutes from medical help and your irrational panicking as a mother sets in. I’m sure it’s flu. I understand myself how horrid flu is so I have to keep reminding myself he will be ok, he just needs to rest. But it doesn’t stop you panicking. I’ve avoided the breeding ground of irrational fear to all mothers that is Google. Never google ailments. Ever. It should be one of the first unwritten rules of parenting…except I’ve just written it.

The toddler has a raging temperature and hates everyone except me today, which is unusual as Grandad, who is also away with us, is normally my toddlers equivalent to God. Not today. Everything is “no!!!!!” Unless it’s coming from me. Nice in one way to know he needs his mummy when he’s poorly, but also utterly draining when you’re trying to sort 2 other children. Hopefully he doesn’t get the same illness as my eldest and his stays as more of a cold.

I’m beginning to feel very sorry for my middle one who is feeling fine but has also been confined to camp due to his brother being sick. We’ve got out every day for a little while and taken it in turns to look after my eldest so we don’t all go crazy and get cabin fever.

With that in mind, and the sun shining, myself, my husband, my dad and the middle one get dressed and take a sunny stroll across the dunes to the beach again to blow away the cobwebs. We’ve been down here every day except one so far, but it’s so beautiful we can’t help it, and the ever changing weather from one minute to the next means you never get bored of what you’re gazing upon. 

We try and fly the kites but something still isn’t right with them and they’re still not flying. They’re either broken or on strike because they can’t be arsed to fly. My dad is now getting so angry with them malfunctioning and flying around and around into a nose dive that he wants them to take a flight into the nearest bin – there was much ranting on the beach…😂🙈

The sun was shining one end of the beach and then dark clouds were passing over the other. You can see the rain and the cloud looming over the sand dunes behind you and you know you’re going to get imminently soaked – it does make for a nice bunch of photos though.


The Rain is Coming… (feels like a Game of Thrones quote that does!)


Beautiful contrast in colours…


Zak, my middle one, on my favourite piece of Driftwood


Reflections in the sand…


Only people on almost 3 miles of Beach…


Sand Dune jumping is just the best!


View back through the dunes towards the cottage…



An old, broken Farmers Gate in the field just beyond the dunes…

After coming back from the beach and having some lunch, myself and my husband pop to a little village up the road, called Seahouses, to re-stock our medicine supplies for the kids. The one bottle of calpol I packed has proved to not be enough.
It’s a proper seaside place with an arcade, numerous fish and chip shops (one of which, called Pinnacles, was nominated by the Hairy Bikers as the best fish and chips in the entire UK – we will be testing these out before we leave here….all in the name of research obviously!), bizarre little shops full of everything you could imagine under one roof, sweet shops and, luckily, a chemists. We stock up on Medicine and head back to the cottage.

One perk of having to pop out is that we got to drive past this beauty of a building again….Bamburgh Castle. It really is quite majestic when you see it looming up in front of you.


Upon getting back, we discover the middle one has made friends with some children 2 cottages up. There are 4 kids and 3 of them are of a similar age to my middle one. I’m informed by my mum that he’s going to their cottage for dinner but as I’ve been out, in unsure of whether he’s been invited or if he’s invited himself. One of these awkward British moments rears its head and I decide if better go with him to check with the family that its ok for him to do so. 

Luckily, for the sake of my embarrassment, he has been allowed to stay and there is a bowl of pasta on the table waiting for him. He’s super excited to stay with his new friends and I say thanks to the mum and tell her our door is open when he’s had enough. 2 seconds after I get back, he reappears and is in floods of tears. After much chatting, it would appear that he thought that if he stayed for dinner, it meant he had to spend the rest of his holiday with them and that he was now part of their family, not ours!!!


Bless his heart. He had managed to hold himself hostage! 

After calming him down and explaining he was still part of our family, even if he ate pasta at his new friends house, he went back and played until 7:15 with them and had a whale of a time. I’m so pleased for him, making new friends on holidays is what it’s all about as a kid. Especially when your brothers are sick.

Here’s to a more successful day tomorrow….


Lichen and moss on the branches of a bush near our cottage


Super cute spring lambs just outside the front door…


The sun sets on another day…


And finally……

My Britmums Daily Photo Challenge, Day 29 – Size:

A tricky word today but here is my photo to prove that size, doesn’t matter. When it comes to Easter eggs anyway…. 😉 I love all Easter eggs no matter what their shape or size is!!!!




  1. March 30, 2016 / 11:38 am

    Children are a joy and a blessing, but once they start school they turn into walking germ factories! Good luck with the rest of your holiday!

  2. March 30, 2016 / 3:16 pm

    Sorry most of you are unwell, hopefully things are on the up. Gorgeous gorgeous photo’s though, thank you for sharing 🙂

  3. March 30, 2016 / 4:39 pm

    Ah, thanks
    That’s so lovely of you.
    Holiday buddies are great – he’s having a lot of fun with them.x

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