Pick your Poison: Soho Juice Company – Pineapple Mojito (or Aku Aku)

“There’s always time for a cocktail, darling!”


Soho Juice Co

Image from Soho Juice Co. website

When I was sent a new cocktail mixer to try the other week, I couldn’t believe my luck.

A legitimate excuse to have a cheeky cocktail! Though, let’s be honest, I don’t need much of an excuse… 😉

I was contacted by The Soho Juice Company to review their new cocktail mixer which is a delicious mix of Lime, Lemon, Cucumber and Mint. It’s the perfect base mixer for LOADS of different cocktails and saves you the hassle of having to buy lots of ingredients and mix them all yourself. Perfect for when you have friends over and you don’t want to spend all your time in the kitchen concocting and muddling!

 The Soho Juice Co. was setup by two friends who had a brain wave whilst they were sat drinking a Bloody Mary in an overpriced bar in Soho, London. All the best brain waves happen whilst you’re drinking I find…

They were a bit sad about the way cucumber, when used as a drink garnish, is just lobbed into a drink and often left there, unloved in the bottom of the glass, at the end of your drink. So, they came up with a way to use the humble cucumber in a new, fresh and exciting way as a major ingredient in a mixer and thus, Soho Mixer was born.

I tested the mixer on it’s own with ice, and I have to say it’s just as yummy on it’s own as a mocktail which is ideal if you’re pregnant or a non drinker.

The mixer I was sent came with some mini spirit bottles to and I have sampled each type of alcohol with the mixer. A tough job, I know…

After testing all the spirits, I can report back that my favourite one to have with it was…Tequila. It made for a pretty brilliant Margarita with the mixer and this is a tipple I could make and enjoy A LOT.

Below is a recipe for a Pineapple Mojito (or Aku Aku) from the Soho Juice Co. recipe book…

Soho Juice Company Pineapple Mojito


*This is a recipe from the cocktail ideas book I was sent along with the Soho Juice Mixer. It is a really fab cocktail and very refreshing on a sunny day (if we ever get some!)*


40ml – Rum (I used a spiced Rum but normally you would use a white rum. Malibu would also work well I think)

25ml – Pineapple Juice

25ml Soho Juice Mixer

15ml – Gomme

4 Cucumber Slices

10 mint leaves

Crushed Ice


1 – Add all the ingredients to a blender, but saving a couple of mint leaves as a garnish.

2 – Blend until smooth and pour into a glass.


 You can find out more about the Soho Juice Co. here. 

I really loved trying it out and I am excited about trying some other cocktails with it to see how they turn out. My next one will probably be a Raspberry concoction with it seen as I got some rather delicious Raspberry Vodka the other day. Stay posted for the recipe soon!

 I was sent this mixer in order to review it. All words, thoughts and opinions are my own.

Thanks to the Soho Juice Co. for sending it to me!