#capturingtheday – Week 17 Roundup


Another week has passed us by and grim January has definitely reared it’s ugly head here.

Grey clouds, rain, post-Christmas blues, desperation to see those first bulbs of spring pop up through the earth and a lust for chocolate whilst trying to eat more healthily.

We were forecast biblical snow, Thundersnow to be exact, on Thursday but it was more of a damp squib of a dusting. That said, it was enough snow to bring the whole of Surrey to a complete standstill. Mr Knutts takes 45 minutes to get back from work on a normal day. Snow day however, 5 hours. Yep, 5 sodding hours. You’d have thought councils might have gritted roads if they knew the snow was forecast but no, they would rather have pandemonium than spend a few quid on keeping the roads clear.

I’m ranting aren’t it.

See, told you January blues had hit.

Anyway, one thing that has cheered me up this week is seeing your #capturingtheday photos. Seriously, I know I say it every week but the caliber of photography out there is just amazing. Myself and Yvonne never tire of looking at your tagged photos and we were also pleased as punch that we went over 5k images tagged this week!

Woo hoo!

“Crack open another box of Ferrero Rocher Gemma!”

Oh alright, if you insist.

So, without further ado, here are my 4 featured images for this week’s #capturingtheday…

A gorgeous little face peeking out from a winter coat hood, a outcome of a family board game session summed up beautifully (that face!!),gorgeous Daddy and Daughter selfie and a little one catching snowflakes on their tongue.

#capturingtheday instagram roundup

Top left: wonderfulchaos_

(Vists their blog: Wonderful Chaos)

Top right: Thimble and Twig

(Visit their blog: Thimble and Twig)

Bottom left: Hey Little Sweet Thing

(Visit their blog: Hey Little Sweet Thing)

Bottom Right: ourreal.lifetogether

 Yvonne’s gorgeous choices this week are:


(Clockwise from top left)

Coffee and Bubbles: Blog & Instagram

Max, Kai and the blog: Blog & Instagram

Hey Little Sweet Thing: Blog & Instagram

Ellen O’Keeffe: Blog & Instagram

 Congratulations to all of you and thanks again to everyone who linked up to #capturingtheday.

Do spread the word of our linkup and join in again this week for your chance to be featured!

All photos are welcome. Baking, crafts, days out, sunsets, tantrums, well earned nights out for the parents, whatever it is you’ve captured during the week.

To finish, here is my fave photo by my partner in crime for #capturingtheday, Yvonne over at Double the Monkey Business

Double the Monkey Business

Her boys said it was, “the best climbing frame ever”, and I am inclined to agree. My boys would be mind blow playing on this!

You can find Yvonne on Instagram, here.

You can read her blog, here.

See you all next week for our week 18 roundup!


Life is Knutts on Instagram ~ Double the Monkey Business on Instagram


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