Something (kind of) Special


The toddler is literally obsessed with Mr Tumble, Justin, whatever he’s called, at the moment.

He gets more excited when he sees the jolly dude with the honking red nose than he does when he sees me I think.

Justin is also, possibly, a genius. He probably has one of the best jobs ever. Whatever idea for an episode he dreams up, they have to make happen. No questions asked. He could demand the most elaborate day out and the powers that be would have to bow down to Saint Justin to make it happen.

For example, “Today, we are going to make and eat ice cream!” He says – nice one Justin! I could do with a bit of ice cream scoffing myself. What a great idea. And then maybe we could go to a distillery to watch and learn how they make Gin and have some of that?!

Another one, “Today, we are off to a football stadium for a tour!” He says – again, nice one Justin! Why not suggest going for a tour of your favourite football team’s stadium and get to sit in the dug out and dressing rooms?! Maybe next week we could learn how to be physiotherapists and I could give the England rugby team a bit of a rub down??

And another recent one, “Today, we are off to a music festival!” he tells us. Of course you are Justin. Backstage passes for the Foo Fighters is it?! Nice one!

I like this mans thinking….

My brain is literally brimming with potential episode ideas!

Top of my list would probably be the episode where we learn to be pilots and I fly my plane to the Maldives for a 3 week stopover…

What would your episode ideas entail?

Here is a little clip of my toddler singing the goodbye song along with Justin this morning. He has his cute moments…sometimes!



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