Brotherly Advice: Part 2


So this morning, middle brother wakes up in a FOUL mood (like most mornings to be honest) and pulls the duvet back over his head telling the world to go away and come back in 3 hours (I’d love to be able to sort that for you darling, but sadly you have school and if you don’t go you’ll learn nothing and be at home with me forever so that’s not happening…GET THE HELL OUT OF BED!! – obviously I didn’t say that, merely thought it…)

After some gentle coaxing, he eventually gets himself vertical and starts putting his uniform on, very slowly.

His older brother is already dressed for school and is feeling fairly chipper so goes in to see his brother and bid him good morning.

“Hello Zak!” says Luke.

“I’m tired…” comes the reply.

“Oh no, that’s not good. Did you not sleep well?” he asks.

“I did sleep but I need some more because I’m not ready for wake up time yet” Zak says. (Crikey, what hope do I have when he’s a teenager?!)

“That’s a shame. Well, get dressed and we can play” Luke tells him.

“I’m too tired!” Comes the reply from Zak and with that he dissolves into the floor unable to stand or put his socks on. He begins having a major strop about dressing himself and Luke decides he can’t stand by and watch any longer…

“Zak,” he says, “do you know, that if you keep being grumpy and thinking grumpy things, your life will be very bad and you won’t get a job and you won’t have any money when you’re older”.

Myself and my husband are listening to this conversation from down the hallway…

“You don’t want that to happen do you??” Luke asks.

“No” replies Zak.

“So, even though you’re tired, you need to try and be happy and think happy thoughts or your whole day, and even your life, will be bad and you’ll never do very well at anything. That would make life really horrible. So try and be happy and your day will become happy okay? So you’re going to try that for me today aren’t you?!” Luke says.

“Oookkkaayyyy” Zak says like a stroppy teenager admitting defeat, and with that, he got dressed and cheered up.

Yet again, I’ve been taught a life lesson by my 7 year old because if his brother hadnt started getting dressed in 2 minutes flat, I was about to loose my shizzle in epic fashion after only 4.5 hours sleep myself.

I must think happier thoughts… 😇 👹

Okay, here goes…Gin, Vodka, Rum, Baileys, Robert Downey Junior, Dave Grohl, Rock Music, Holidays, full nights sleep, Ferrero Rocher, Tunnocks Teacakes………..ah, I’m much happier now.


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  1. February 11, 2016 / 9:49 pm

    What a wise little dude you have there. So sweet that he was there to spur his brother on and save you from having to go into angry-mummy mode! Xx

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