Dinosaur Week: Day 7 – Pick your Poison: Dinosaur Swamp Slushy (and a review of Kali Stileman)


The final post of my Dinosaur Week!

I’ve made it!

(pours a large G&T at 8am)

It’s been absolutely ROARSOME!

Thanks so much to the lovely folks at Stickerscape, WOW Toys and Kali Stileman for joining forces with me to make it happen.

If you’ve missed any of my posts over the last week, you can find them all here:

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Day 7: Dinosaur Swamp Slushy (this one!!)

This final post is a drink recipe fit for any Dinosaur themed party, or just to cool down on a hot day.

It’s a Dinosaur Swamp Slushy that’s super easy to make and will have the kids chomping like a T-Rex to get at it!

 Enlight1 (78)


(makes a small bowl full, enough for 4 children)

1 pint of crushed ice

200ml grenadine syrup

300ml water

A small amount of Green food colouring

A small bowl

Some straws

Dinosaur toys to decorate

Enlight1 (76)


1 – Place the ice, grenadine syrup, water and food colouring in a blender capable of whizzing ice.

2 – Blend and pulse for 1 minute until the ice has been crushed down to a slush.

3 – Pour into a bowl, add straws and place toy dinosaurs around the swampy watering hole!

Slurp away!

Enlight1 (77)

 My boys loved sucking up this Dinosaur swamp slushy!

Do share any photos with me over on Facebook or Instagram if you have a go at it!

Who is Kali Stileman?

(and a card review)

Kali Stileman is a married mum who just so happens to be a bit talented when it comes to art and drawing/painting.

Her creations are colourful, fun and eye catching. I love the Dinosaur wall stickers she designed, that we were sent to review via Stickerscape, and she also has a lovely range of height chart wall stickers

She creates beautiful cards, gift wrap, cushions, wall stickers, gift tags and name labels (these are available via Stickerscape) which are available via her website.

Her right hand gal is Lucy. She is lovely to liaise with and she works in the office doing all the admin for Kali, which allows Kali to be more creative! They are quite the team and their website is easy to use and just as colourful as their products.

I got sent some beautiful cards from them the other day in a range of different designs (see the above photo) and they are absolutely gorgeous.

I love the fact the paper the cards are printed on is textured and the colours Kali uses are so vivid, they really catch your eye.

One of the cards I was sent has a speech bubble on the front so you can write your own message on it, or if you order direct from Kali’s website, they can print the message onto the card for you. A fab way to personalise something and very handy if you keep a stock of them at home ready for all the kids parties your little ones get invited to, you can just write the age on the front yourself.

They’re of a fabulous quality but priced at approx. £2.50, so they’re still very reasonable and worth the few extra pennies for that special little one’s birthday or occasion.

Kali has also thought about more unusual occasions such as baby showers and has cards for occasions such as these too.

You can find Kali’s lovely products on her website and over on Stickerscape’s as well.

If you’re interested in any of Kali’s Wall sticker range at Stickerscape, I am very excited to be able to give Life is Knutts readers 20% off their order (thanks to Stickerscape!) if you enter the code DINOKALI at the checkout until 10th October 2016.

Disclosure: I was sent some cards, wall stickers and name labels by Kali Stileman and Stickerscape for the purpose of this review. All thoughts, words, photos and opinions are my own.


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