Nice lunchbox… (A review of re-wrap-it Sandwich wrappers)

A material sandwich wrapper with velcro to fasten it. In a camo print.

Oi you naughty lot! I wasn’t talking about anything kinky, or David Beckham’s groin area for that matter, I was actually talking about Packed Lunches (but, saying that, I will just leave this here…you can thank me later)


Both of my older boys are packed lunches every day at school. We tried school dinners for a year but they’re both so fussy (and school dinners really didn’t help them try new things sadly in our case) that it’s just easier for me to do a packed lunch each day for them and then all three of them have the same cooked dinner in the evening.

It does drive me a bit bonkers making the lunches some days. Then there’s reminding them to take their lunch boxes with them to school in the morning, as well as reminding them to bring their lunch boxes home with them every day so they don’t sit and fester overnight on the lunch trolley…


Then there’s all the rubbish they create. I’ve started putting a plastic sandwich bag in their lunchbox to try and help them keep their lunch boxes clean and tidy and so they can dispose of their rubbish quickly and easily, but I am aware this isn’t very environmentally friendly.

So when I was contacted the other day by a lovely lady called Shona, from re-wrap-it to review some of her REUSABLE sandwich wrappers, I jumped at the chance! Her email was wonderful too, made me chuckle a lot!

“The concept is very simple. Rather than using plastic bags, cling film or tinfoil to wrap up you sandwiches, you use a Wrapper;  just place the food in the centre and fold over and seal with the velcro strap. To clean, just wipe the inside with a cloth, as if it were a plate, and if the outside gets a spill or grubby you can just give it a rinse in the sink like a rag. It can go in the washing machine at 30 degrees – you just have to make sure the velcro is strapped over to avoid catching on the inevitable sock!
As a Green waste reducing product, I was very keen to keep them made in Scotland rather than go overseas. I really struggled to get either any manufacturer to get back to me, or to get a reasonable price… I contacted Kilmarnock High Security Men’s Prison. The inmates now do the sewing for me. They learn a skill, gain a qualification and so hopefully a better chance of getting a job when they are released.
It really is a win win situation as they are made 20 minutes away so I can chop and change the colours.
The Wrappers are great for school Eco Committees or Enterprise Clubs to sell on as a fund raiser for the school; one of the Eco Schools Green Flag award criteria is to have a rubbish free lunch hall – so the Wrappers tick that box! 
They’re of course great for sandwiches, rolls, and toddler finger food platters, but our ones have been well used as rain hats, waterproof seats for Scottish picnics, and the kids have also used them for sledging ……not perhaps their most successful outing”.
How wonderful is that?!
An impromptu rain hat as well as a sandwich wrapper!
I loved Shona’s company ethos, the fact the local prison inmates make them so they can learn a new skill is fantastic, and I thought the whole premise behind it was really brilliant. Rubbish that can’t be recycled is a huge problem and packed lunch boxes are often full of rubbish like this. If  we can start by educating our kids, then hopefully they will grow up to be more kind and considerate adults. We hope…
I got sent a fab Camo print Sandwich re- wrapper to try. My eldest, Luke, instantly claimed it for his own (poor Zak) and was very excited to have his sarnies wrapped in it the next day at school.
The outside is fabric and the inside has a plastic covering so that any spills and spoldges can be easily cleaned up. The wrappers, as Shona said, can be used in the washing machine at 30 degrees and I’ve tested ours out in there (after Luke splodged yoghurt on it!) and it came out perfect. There is a space for you to pop a name on it and we found you can fit more than just a sandwich in there. I have managed to pop some salami and some fruit in Luke’s one along with his sandwich. It’s really quite roomy, but can also do up tightly enough that the sandwich inside won’t slide about/leak out.
As they say, simple ideas are always the best and this is certainly one of those!
Shona should be really proud of herself and I will most certainly be buying another one for my middle lad to use.
They retail at £6.99 which I think is really reasonable and think of all the money you’ll save in cling film/tin foil every school year!
A lunchobox with the sandwish re-wrapper inside it

If you would like to see Shona’s range of re-wrap-it wrappers, you can do so by visiting her website using the link which is below…
Re-Wrap-it logo

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 Disclosure: O was sent a re-wrap-it for the purpose of this review. All words, thoughts and opinions are my own.


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