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review of party bags and supplies

Anyone with kids will probably have had to deal with organising a dreaded (and by the kids, highly anticipated) children’s birthday party.

The words send shivers down my spine if I am honest, but the kids are always desperate to have a party these days. We haven’t done many if truth be told, we tend to do a treat day with the family so everyone has fun and makes some new memories, but I have caved in on occasion and let them have one (ah, memories of a crazy golf party in the snow in February – that didn’t go so well – and a swimming party where I had to don a swimming costume in front of fellow parents from school. The world is just not ready for that. Oh the indignity!)

Don’t get me wrong, I love seeing the kids and their friends having fun and smiling away but these kids parties do tend to spiral into chaos at some point and I always have to have a tonic for my gin ready and waiting in the fridge at home for afterwards. Think of it as a grown up version of a reward chart sticker.

Not only do we seem to have birthday parties to organise and attend these days, but the kids are very lucky to have teachers who are also gluttons for punishment and allow the kids to have a school Christmas Party. As if the hysteria of the festive period wasn’t enough, the kids have the added excitement of an afternoon of games, food and Santa visiting them to add to it all. Things weren’t like this in my day. These kids don’t know how lucky they are!

(God I sound old)

This year, me and a friend are sharing class rep duty – sending emails, relaying messages, sending reminders, that sort of thing – because both of our middle ones are in the same class. Doing it as a team is far less stressful (half the burden!) and it’s good to get these things out the way so you’ve at least done a bit to help out at school. As part of this rep duty, we were tasked with helping organise the class christmas party – sorting decorations, organising food, that sort of thing – along with some other mums from our year group. A real team effort.

At the same time as helping to organise the class christmas party, I was approached by the lovely guys from Party Bags and Supplies to see if I wanted to review some of their products. It was like a gift from the gods coming just at the right time so I jumped at the chance and ordered some lovely festive party bits for the kids to use at school.

Great timing or what!? These moments of divine intervention rarely happen to me.

I ordered my items online with complete ease, which consisted of some classroom decorations, christmas paper plates, christmas paper cups, party bags and some party bag supplies such as festive gliders to go in them, and clicked order. The items were at my door within 2 days. Really wonderful service. Whilst I was browsing the website, I really was spoilt for choice. There is also an enormous range of items available and regardless of what party you’re having, Christmas, Easter, Trolls, Superhero, Angry Birds, My Little Pony, the list goes on, you will find whatever it is you’re after. All themed, a superbly easy to use website and fab customer service.

The kids classroom looked wonderful all decorated – like a grotto! – and the looks on their little faces when they got a festive party bag on the way out the classroom door was really priceless. Maybe I shouldn’t be so grumpy about kids parties after all…

If you’re looking for party supplies, I would highly recommend using Party Bags and Supplies.

You can visit Party Bags and Supplies website, here.


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