Pick your Poison: Dry September Mocktail – Pink Fruit Fizz

Pink fizz cocktail with lemonade and grenadine

As I am partaking in Dry September for Children with Cancer UK (read my post about why I am doing it here), I thought I would do a few Mocktails to help get me through the month. I must sound like an alcoholic, I’m really not, but I do feel the need for a G&T of a Friday night most weeks.

Still, it’s all for a good cause so here is my first Mocktail for you all.

A really simple one to get us started, but that is actually really delicious!

Pink Fruit Fizz!

It’s quick, easy, fruity and very refreshing.


(makes 1 glass)

50ml Grenadine Syrup (I got mine from Ocado)

1 can of fizzy Lemonade, the more lemony the better!



1 – Place the Grenadine Syrup and Ice in a glass

2 – Slowly pour over the Lemonade and pop in a straw!


See, I told you it was an easy one! If you wish to add a few mint sprigs or Frozen Raspberries to jazz it up a bit, you can.

Forget the Schloer, this is where it’s at!

If you have a go at this Mocktail, do let me know over on my Facebook page or on Instagram by tagging me @lifeisknutts



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