The Polo Shirt…


Today’s pearl of wisdom, courtesy of my 8 year old…


Me: “Boys, please can you try not to ruin your polo shirts today. They’re coming home very, very dirty and I can’t keep buying new ones…”

Zak: “Ok, Mummy”.

Luke: “I’ll try to but I like hill rolling too much and I can’t not get dirty if I am rolling down a hill”.

Me: “Well, if you can try that would be super”.

Zak: “Mummy, why are they called Polo shirts anyway?”

Luke (in a sarcastic, know it all voice): “Erm, because they’re white like Polo mints, stupid!”

*Yes, Luke. That’s exactly why they’re called Polo shirts. Aren’t you the wisest one of all… (goes off to laugh)*



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