A little Ginspiration. My top 5 Gin recipes!


Seen as it was World Gin Day yesterday, I am clubbing together the top 5 Gin recipes from my blog to give you a little Ginspiration!

 1. Strawberry and Rose Gin Fizz

A fruity little number, guaranteed to put a smile on your face on a Sunny day! Made using fresh strawberries and Rose water.

Gin cocktail with strawberries

2. Gin & Lemon Pancake Syrup

This is the syrup of Kings. Drizzle it over pancakes, ice cream, sponge puddings, whatever you fancy. It’s as potent as you want to make it so taste and add more Gin if you want to!

Gin and lemon syrup for pancakes

3. Gin & Tonic Loaf Cake

This super simple loaf cake was made using some fantastic Silent Pool Rose Gin – it’s truly divine. That said, any Gin will work in this cake and, as always, feel free to add a splish more if you want a stronger Gin flavour. Who wouldn’t?! Perfect for a cheeky afternoon tea or as a grown up treat for after lunch.

Gin and Tonic loaf cake

4. Pimms & Gin

This one was a bit controversial at the time of posting because people, quite rightly, pointed out to me that Pimms is in fact a Gin based drink. I understood it was Gin based, but it really is something that is very easy (by that I mean I drink too much of it and then feel a bit tipsy) to drink. By adding in a shot or two of your Gin of choice, this, sometimes sweet, summer drink becomes something a little more grown up and something you savour. Have a go and tell me what you think! Perfect for drinking when Wimbledon is on!

Pimms and Gin

5. Gin, Lemon and Passionfruit Collins

This is one of my all time favourite Gin cocktails. I am a huge fan of passionfruit and this is a really refreshing drink to have on a sunny day sat in the garden. I use passionfruit syrup in this recipe but, by all means, try using a fresh passionfruit if you wish.

Gin, Lemon and Passionfruit Collins

I hope these recipes have given you some food (or drink!) for thought! I know I enjoyed them so I hope you do too.

 What are your favourite Gin recipes?

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