Crafty Little Thing: Witches Potion Ingredient Jars for Halloween

Halloween potion jar craft idea. Spiders, cobwebs and fake blood. for halloween

Well hello there Knutters!

Here is the second of my Halloween crafts for you all in the run up to this Spooktacular day!

My first one was some gruesome Intestine Jelly (which you can find a link to here) and this one is a selection of jars, decorated to look like Witches Potion Ingredient jars.

They are really simple to make and would look great with an LED candle popped inside on Halloween night itself to make a creepy scene in your home.

So what are you waiting for? Let’s get started and really get our teeth into this fangtastic craft…

What you will need…

To make the Black Potion Jars

– A selection of old glass jars (old/clean jam jars are fine)

– Some black chalkboard paint

– A paint brush

– Some 3D craft paint (I used this)

– Some LED candles

– Some old Newspaper to cover the area you are going to be working on

To make a fake blood bottle

– Some Modge Podge (this can be bought from any good stationers/craft shop)

– Some Red Gel Food Colouring (I used a gel colouring I use for baking)

– An old glass bottle (I used an old Frobishers Apple Juice bottle)

How to do it…

To make the Black Potion Jars

– Take your clean glass jar and place it on the old newspaper.

– Using your 3D craft paint, write on your glass jar the desired words. I chose to write ‘Bat Blood’ with some pretend blood drips on one and ‘Poison’ on the other.

– Leave this 3D paint to dry overnight.

– Once the 3D paint is COMPLETELY dry, you’re ready to paint!

– Dip your paintbrush in the black chalkboard paint and start painting your glass jar, even over the dry 3D paint.

– Cover the jar completely (no need to do the bottom) and then leave it to dry.

– Pop in an LED tealight (or a real candle if you wish, but keep well out of the reach of children if you use a real one!) and start to set your spooky Halloween scene!

For the fake blood bottle

– Take your old glass drinks bottle and pour some Modge Podge into the Bottom of it. I used about 50ml for a fairly small bottle.

– Add some Red Gel colouring to the bottle too. I used about 5 drops, but it is a very strong colouring. Do it by eye. You’ll want quite a dark red colour.

– Swirl the bottle around to mix the modge podge and the red colouring together in the bottom. Once you have done this, start tilting the bottle so the red modge podge travels up the sides of the bottle as far up as you want it to go. I went about 3/4 of the way up the bottle.

– To finish off, tilt the bottle so some modge podge spills out over the top of one side of the bottle to make it look like blood drips on the outside of it.

– Leave to dry overnight.

 And there we have it!

2 different glass jar/bottle crafts fit for a spooky Halloween scene!

I decorated behind my bottles with some fake spider webs and plastic spiders.



If you have a go at these crafts, do share them with me over on my Facebook page or Instagram.



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