Pick your Poison: Halloween ‘Blood Shot’ Cocktail

“Hubble, bubble, toil and trouble, pour me some vodka and make it a double!”


As Autumn descends, and Halloween draws nearer, I’m getting more and more in the mood for all things spooky!

This cocktail recipe is for a vodka based potion, which is guaranteed to make you sing like Tina Turner…well, make you think  you can anyway if you have enough of them.

The syrup required for this cocktail is served in a 20ml syringe (available from craft shops or on Amazon) to make it look like blood – the perfect cocktail to get your fangs into!

The perfect drink for any Halloween party!


50ml Vanilla Vodka

Some crushed ice

A slice of lemon

A squeeze of fresh lemon juice

20ml Grenadine syrup


– Add crushed ice to the glass

– Add 50ml Vanilla Vodka

– Add a squeeze of fresh lemon juice

– Add the slice of lemon to the glass

– Fill the syringe with 20ml Grenadine syrup and rest it on the top of the glass to serve

– When you want to drink your drink, simply squirt the syrup into the glass and use the syringe to give it a good stir.


A vodka cocktail for Halloween with grenadine in a syringe to make it look like blood

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