Pick your Poison: Strawberry Mojito


Pick your Poison: Strawberry Mojito


I love Mojitos. I know they became super trendy and everyone was drinking them but, you know what, that’s because they’re so damn tasty!

It’s a classic as well. Refreshing, Zingy, sharp and sweet. It’s just what you need on a hot day (or even on a cold, rainy one to be quite honest!)

I love the classic Mojito, but this Strawberry version is such a good way of using up those sorry looking strawberries that have been left in the bottom of a punnet.

Give it a go and let me know what you think!


(to make 1 drink)

30ml simple syrup (sugar syrup)

3 strawberries

4-5 fresh mint sprigs (chopped if you prefer smaller mint pieces in your cocktail)

30ml fresh lime juice

60ml light rum (or Bacardi Mojito)

90-120ml soda water



In a glass of your choice (but which can hold approx. 12oz of liquid) muddle the simple syrup, strawberries and mint leaves together with the back of a spoon or a muddler.

Crush the strawberries and mint leaves really well (if you don’t like chunky fruit in your cocktails, I would suggest pureeing the strawberries instead).

Stir in the lime juice and rum.

Fill the glass with ice and top off with soda water.

Gently stir.

Garnish with mint sprigs or strawberry slices.

Do share your attempts at making this with me over on my facebook page or by tagging me (@lifeisknutts) on Instagram!


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