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“Oh how I love cleaning up messes I didn’t make. That’s why I became a mum…”

My house is a pig sty.

There. I said it.

Did I find it cathartic saying it out loud? Nope.

Did it just make me even more stressed and full of guilt? Yep.

In between looking after the kids (oh, and my husband), zooming about doing errands, blogging and various other things life throws at me, I find it really hard to keep on top of everything at home. Don’t get me wrong, the house gets a daily blitz with a broom, a wipe down with a pack of baby wipes and the washing thrown in the machine and tumble dryer so everyone has clean pants at least, but the ‘proper’ sorting and cleaning often gets left until it is at point break.

My worst thing is the washing.

I know it is a cliche (oh I do love a cliche) but there just aren’t enough hours in the day. I literally have a mountain of washing to plough through each day and then, once it is washed and dried, I have a mountain of it to sort and put away. This is where my problem lies. I can get it all washed, but sorting it and putting it in drawers drives me mad and often get’s left until I end up with a clothes mountain the size of Ben Nevis. Then, one day (Tuesday, just after school drop off to be precise), a fairy god mother appeared in the form of one of my lovely school mum friends (minus the bonnet and grey hair)…


Her name is Cathryn (aka, de-cluttering demon) and she is beyond lovely. Cathryn has been a career woman all her adult life and she is a married mummy to 3 gorgeous girls. She is based in Woking, Surrey. Because of the all too familiar story of life chaos getting in the way, and the demands of parenting taking it’s toll, she has stopped work for now and has decided to start her own little venture which will, hopefully, fit better around her family. She has a real talent for organising, finding storage solutions for even the smallest of spaces and she can also help you clear out that clutter!

We got talking and Cathryn asked if she could use me as a Guinea Pig to which I, of course, agreed. My only issue was, when she asked me what I needed help with or what needed sorting, I had a list as long as the Great Wall of China and had to narrow it down a bit!

After thinking for a bit, I realised my biggest issue was, as I mentioned, getting the washing sorted and put away so this is what my fairy god mother, Cathryn, came to help me with.

To start off the process, she came over for tea (no cake, she is very good – unlike me – and is trying to eat healthily) and a chat and had a look at my ‘problem’. She was lovely, not at all judgmental of my hovel I call home, and swiftly set about brainstorming ways to make things better for me.

She quickly established that the washing area I have (it’s a kind of utility area in the back of the garage, we had it installed when we had our building work done with a long aim goal of keeping all the cleaning stuff contained in one area) was pretty unusable, mainly thanks to my husband and all his ‘stuff’. My husband has basically commandeered the entire garage that end and all his bike paraphernalia was strewn about so I could barely move. It was also very dirty due to all the grease and mud he manages to deposit everywhere so not ideal for trying to do laundry in.

Cathryn made a note of what she needed to do and went home to write me up a quote. This arrived in my inbox a day or two later and I’ve included them here so you can see how she breaks down what she is going to do…


Gemma Nuttall

Good Evening Gemma,

Thank you very much for having me round to chat about Right Hand Gal and to take a look at your laundry issues.

While we spoke it became clear that your main problem was organising the clean laundry so that it was easy to put away in the drawers, took less time and didn’t end up in a mountain on your bed!  

You have a good space in the garage with a sink, worktop, washing machine and tumble dryer where you can do the laundry but you need a solution for sorting it and potentially storing it there until you can put it away.

It seems to me that if you can re-claim and de-clutter the laundry area in the garage then we can solve most of these problems.

I am pleased to offer two options to solve your problems:

  • Bespoke Report – this will contain a detailed solution to the laundry issues.  This will include step by step actions and product sourcing.  This is a one off fee of £25.
  1. Bespoke Report + Work – This is where I send you the report but also carry out the work.   I will send you the report in advance of my visit in order for you to purchase the storage items I suggest. I then envisage the work will take approximately 2 hours.  I charge £20 an hour so in total it will cost £25 for the report plus £40 – making a total of £45.

(NB this includes loading your car with items to take to the tip.  I am able to take these items to the tip for you for a fee of £10 plus 40p per mile.  This will be charged in addition to option a or b.- provided there is no charge at the tip)

I hope this quotation is competitive enough for you to be able to realise your solution and I look forward to hearing from you.

Keep in touch.


Cathryn Jagger www.righthandgal.co.uk

Managing Director help@righthandgal.co.uk

Right Hand Gal 07990 834917

 Once I had agreed to the type of help I wanted from Cathryn, she sent me over a detailed plan…

Your Bespoke Solution

Gemma Nuttall

Problem : Organising the clean laundry so that it is easier to put away in the drawers.

Solution:  Reclaim area at the back of the garage to be used as a clean laundry/utility area.

Take these Steps

  1. Make extra storage space in the main part of the garage (left hand shelves and cupboards)  = to do this you will need to clear non-essential items and rubbish. e.g . out of date paint cans.  Take these items to the tip.
  1. Clear husbands bike items from the worktop and shelves at the back of the garage and relocate to the space you have made on the shelves to the left of the garage.
  1. Thoroughly clean the area.  
  1. Purchase 5 baskets to sort the laundry in to. I recommend these ones by Curver as they are the right size and depth.

Image result for curver medium basket

  1. When you have finished the washing cycle and the clothes are dry unload the tumble dryer or the airer into a basket like the one below.  You can then pop this up on the worktop and sort the clothes in to each of your 5 baskets – one for you, one for your husband and one for each of the boys.  You will then be able to iron as you go or take just one basket upstairs at a time to break the task up over the week.  It’s also handy to have some clean clothes downstairs to dress children in a hurry!
  2. Flexible Cappuccino Plastic Laundry Washing Basket 55L

No time to do this yourself?

I would be very happy to carry out this work for you as per the quotation – I envisage this to take 2 hours – £20 per hour so a total of £40.  NB this would not include taking the items to the tip.

I look forward to hearing how your project turns out!

Keep in touch.


Cathryn Jagger www.righthandgal.co.uk

Managing Director help@righthandgal.co.uk

Right Hand Gal 07990 834917

 So, as you can see, it is all very comprehensive and planned in a bespoke way for each customer/issue.

We met again a few weeks later (once we were both free – and that is no mean feat these days!) and we booked out a morning where Cathryn could come over and work her magic. And work it she did! Within an hour, she had launched a load of old rubbish away (yes, my husband is also a hoarder, mainly of old boxes and cycling gloves), cleaned and re-organised the cupboards and had my new laundry area completed and ready to go. Just a simple change, but one that will enable me to sort the laundry into individual baskets as I unload from the dryer and it’s one less job to do. My eldest two have also helped by taking their own basket to their room and putting it away for me, though I am sure the novelty will wear off for them soon…

the garage after right hand gal came in. All organised and clean

I can’t recommend Cathryn’s services enough.

She is professional, polite, friendly, creative and reasonably priced. If you are local to Woking in Surrey, moving out, you need to help an elderly relative de-clutter or you just need some more storage ideas for all the family tat, Cathryn is certainly your Right Hand Gal!

You can contact Cathryn at ‘Right Hand Gal’ by visiting her website here.

Thanks so much for your help Cathryn!

Now there is no excuse for the pants not being put away.

Disclosure: I had my de-cluttering service provided by Right Hand Gal in exchange for this review. All words, thoughts and opinions are my own and are not influenced by anyone else.



  1. November 10, 2016 / 10:55 pm

    After seeing your preliminary post on Facebook yesterday, I had a look at Cathryn’s site – what a great idea! She should develop an app for people like me who have got to the stage that they no longer even consider sorting things out unless they have people (MIL) coming over – I don’t even notice the muddles most of the time!

  2. admin
    November 10, 2016 / 10:59 pm

    Ah! Thanks so much Sarah!! I’ll pass that onto her, she will be over the moon! I’m the same, panic cleaning all the time!xx

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