Get your bake on: UK S’mores Recipe


I love S’mores.

If you’ve never heard of them, they’re basically an American snack of gooey yumminess which consists of a sweet cracker/biscuit called a Graham cracker (nigh on impossible to find these here in the UK and if you do they’ll cost about £7!), marshmallows and chocolate. In a nutshell, you smack them all together (like a diabetics nightmare) into a sandwich, melt them and then scoff them!

They are perfect for Bonfire night (which is when I made them), New Year, BBQ’s in the summer and camping trips. You can easily make them on a camp fire by wrapping the stacked ingredients in foil, placing them in the still hot embers (or on the grill rack, it’s up to you) and let them melt before stuffing them in your face. This UK version uses good old Digestives in place of the Graham crackers because they are so difficult to source here. Not quite the same but still just as tasty!

Be warned…they’re sweet, not at all healthy, messy and delicious, oh, and have some baby wipes handy for once you’re finished (god, that last comment sounds a bit disgusting now I think about it…let’s swiftly move on shall we).

Here is a video with the recipe!




  1. admin
    November 10, 2016 / 10:59 pm

    You’ll love it El…eat them with a cup of tea – heaven!x

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