Making a house a home (with Canvas Design)


“Home is not a place, it’s a feeling”

Back last year, Knutts Towers had some major building works done.

We live a 3 bedroom house but, with the arrival in 2014 of our 3rd mini monster Ben, we needed more space. Because of where we live being in the London commuter belt, it’s super expensive and making that transition to the next step up in houses was just completely bonkers. We would gain another bedroom for the princely sum of about £750,000, and not a lot else. So, we bit the bullet and went through the hell of building work. I won’t lie, it was utter pantaloons. We lived in whilst it was done and despite the builders trying their best to make it as livable as possible, it sucked. Thick dust everywhere, cold, no privacy, chaos, mess and many tears (mine mostly) on an almost daily basis for 15 weeks. Still, as the old cliche goes, “it was worth it in the end”.

Our house still isn’t massive, quite the opposite to be honest, but each of the boys has their own bedroom, our kitchen is much  larger and we have an extra toilet and room for a large american fridge freezer…


Very important when you have a house full of boys…

We are still in the process of decorating the inside. We have so much to do it’s depressing actually, but it’ll get done in time. The main bits are done, it’s just some painting, new carpets upstairs and finishing touches really. That said, downstairs is nearing completion so I am beginning to put my more homely bits in down there like photos, ornaments and anything else that catches my eye!

The other week, I was contacted by Canvas Design to see if I would like a special, metallic looking, black and white canvas made (it’s called Silverada) using one of my photos. As many of you may know, I love to take a photo (or 80!) especially when we are away on holiday, so I have accrued quite a collection of images now. As soon as I read  the email, I knew which photo I would choose. It was one from our holiday to Northumberland at Easter this year. It was taken over on Holy Island where they have boat storage houses which look like upturned boats. It’s such an unusual thing to see and they are dotted all along the coastline of the island. I managed to capture a photo with a crow sat on top of one of them and it looked super as a black and white image. Here is the original…


 The ordering process was really easy and their website is very simple to use.

Just choose how you want your image printed (canvas, Silverada, montage, phone case etc) upload your image and order!


Their products make wonderful Christmas gifts and I know I would be over the moon to receive something from them as a pressie.

You can visit their website and browse their products, here.

Once my canvas arrived, in superb packaging may I add to avoid any damage in transit, I was thrilled with what I saw. My original black and white image had really been bought to life on a canvas thanks to the Silverada effect and I chose a spot on our living room wall for it to live. It came with all the relevant fixtures and fittings in order to be able to hang it and it is just the right size to fit in the space I had selected for it. I love being able to look at it and have all the memories of that holiday come flooding back (even if most of the memories of that holiday are of my 8 year old and my mum being VERY sick with the worst flu bug ever for almost the entire time…)

The surface is textured and gives off a dull shine which really illuminates the white colours and brings out the black and grey.

What do you think? Does it look good?





I love it…


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