Something strange is happening here.

Very strange.

(No, I’m not plugging the show Stranger Things, though if you haven’t caught this new Netflix series and like your spooky stuff, do give it a watch! Me and Mr Knutts loved it!)

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It would appear that I have just realised that I haven’t had an alcoholic drink for over a week.

I know Knutters, pick your jaws up off the floor, I couldn’t quite believe it either.


Don’t ask me why I haven’t, because I’m not particularly sure myself. All I can put it down to is that it’s been a bit busy with back to school for the older two, a start at pre-school for the troublesome toddler, my mum’s 60th birthday and various other shenanigans and I have just been ‘too busy’ to drink. Madness I know. I told you something strange was going on…

Because I have managed thus far without alcohol, it’s now 8th September, I figured I might as well join in with Dry September for Cancer Research…kind of. One of my lovely mummy friends from school is doing Dry September and I think that is what made me have my moment of realisation. She is a bit brilliant and will totally smash it for an absolutely amazing cause (well done Kim!)

I figured, rather than registering officially for Dry September on the Cancer Research website, I would instead post a link to Children with Cancer UK on here and, if you fancy donating some pennies to them in support of my alcoholic abstinence, that would be amazing.


I have chosen to do this because, sadly, Children with Cancer UK do not benefit from any fundraising via Cancer Research UK and, for me at the moment, my heart lies with the childhood cancer charity.

You may or may not have read one of my posts earlier in the year which I wrote about a little lad at my son’s school called Sam.

Sam is 8 and has cancer.

After over 3 grueling years of treatment for him and his family, there is now some light at the end of the tunnel because, all being well, Sam should finish his treatment sometime around April next year.

It came from out the blue, a happy, healthy child one minute and then, after a few odd symptoms reared their ugly head and a number of tests in hospital, the diagnosis came.

A family in shock and a little lad whose life would now become very different.

You can read this original post here, it explains everything should you wish to learn more about Sam, his story or Children with Cancer UK.

So, in honour of Childhood Cancer Awareness Month, I am not having any alcohol at all. I might be a gibbering wreck by the end of it but any stress I feel doing this is nothing in comparison to that experienced by Sam and his family. I just wanted to help if I could.

If you can spare a few pennies to donate to Children with Cancer UK, and support me in staying dry for the month, you can do so by clicking here.

 Thanks so much in advance Knutters.

And stay posted for some Mocktail recipes coming to my blog soon to help get you through the month if you’re also abstaining from alcoholic beverages!