So it’s back to school time tomorrow after 2 weeks of Easter Holidays.

It’s been so nice not having to rush around and rage like a banshee in order to get everyone out of the door on time, but the kids are ready to go back, they can’t wait to see their friends, and I’ve got a ‘house’ (Or as I call it at the moment, a sh*t pit) in dire need of a date with some antibacterial wipes and the hoover…

In order to help you all achieve ‘Back to school’ perfection tomorrow morning, I have devised a handy checklist to ensure your routines have gone exactly as they should.

If you manage to tick all 5 boxes by the time you leave the house tomorrow morning, you will have earnt yourself ‘epic parent status’ and at least one Easter egg from your kids stash as a reward payment.

Good luck fellow Comrades.

Once more unto the breach…