Britmums Daily photo challenge: Day 22 – Smile

Sadly today I don’t feel much like smiling. My thoughts are very much with the families, friends and people in Belgium who have been caught up in these horrific events this morning.

Evil has visited us once again. 

It’s beyond words, beyond human understanding and I cannot comprehend the panic and fear this has created in Belgium, and across Europe today.
This is not the work of Muslims. It’s the work of utter monsters who are using a skewed view of a religion as a facade to justify their disgusting behaviour and ideals. 
We will not be broken by them and we will come together to defy the panic and chaos which they thrive on.
Tonight, I’ll squeeze all my boys that little bit longer, tuck them in that little bit tighter and light a candle for those affected today.

What are we doing to our beautiful world and its people? 
What shell of a world are we leaving for our children and Grandchildren?

It frightens me, it saddens me and we cannot let these inhumane monsters win.



My gorgeous boys. xx


Silence of the Pigs…

Peppa sodding pig.

A spoilt little brat.

A know it all.

A walking, talking pork pie.

If you hadn’t guessed, she drives me up the wall, and sadly my boys think she’s brilliant.

My 2 year olds bedroom is like a shrine to her, my 6 year old sings the songs loud and proud like they’re the national anthem of our country and the 8 year old pretends to hate it but secretly, he loves it.

My bugbears with Peppa ‘pork chop’ Pig are…

  1. Muddy puddles. Yes, I know these are fun, and at the weekend or after school, whatever. Knock yourselves out kids. Splash, jump, lie down, bathe in them, I don’t care, but on the way to school? In uniforms? No. Not a bloody chance. Even in Wellies. The muddy water goes right up the inside of the trousers, all over their coats and then they look and smell like Stig of the dump for the rest of the day. No Peppa pig, muddy puddles are not always fun. Do me a favour and go jump in a deep one…
  2. Mr Potato. Seriously? WTAF?? A singing, dancing Potato?? (Yes I know, because all the other characters are so believable too….) It’s not so much him I have the problem with but, quite often, my kids will watch this crap at dinner time. Sometimes they’ll have potatoes for dinner, in the form of mash, chips, waffles, smiley faces, croquettes (I could list more potato products but I won’t as I’m already ashamed i can name so many…) and on more than one occasion, the appearance of Mr Potato has caused a dinner table kerfuffle because my children couldn’t be seen to be eating poor Mr Potato or any of his relatives…yes really. They thought they had become cannibals. Add to that the fact they’re often eating PORK sausages along withtheir potato products and you have yourselves a full on Defcon:5 situation. Peppa pig cannibalism of the highest order…
  3. Peppa pig causes the Daily Fail, sorry, I clearly meant Daily Mail,  column crap spouters, to write shite like this (Daily Mail: I’ve banned my children from watching Peppa Pig) – basically saying that Peppa Pig is the sole reason for their child’s questionable behaviour. You’ve got to be kidding me… Peppa Pig is not the sole reason your child is stomping their feet, or bossing their younger sibling about, or answering you back. It’s got everything to do with the fact that this is what kids do (and the parent writes for the Daily Mail…that’s enough to make anyone rebel and act like an utter wazock) Kids all behave like this from time to time and that’s what makes Peppa Pork Chop so wonderful to them. They can relate to her. I’m not saying I like her anymore because of this, but I’m saying I understand the appeal of her from a kids point of view. Unfortunately.
  4. Mummy Pig and Daddy Pig never loose their sh*t. Ever. They’re so bloody calm. Even when Peppa has spoken to them like poo on the bottom of her shoe, they still laugh and giggle at her. I’d be like, “No. Nope, I don’t think so young lady. You don’t stamp your feet, shout and squeal because you want some chocolate cake, or have a tantrum because you want to take your pet goldfish for a ride on the bus, go and sit on the naughty step and think about your behaviour!”. And they never drink. Not once have I seen Daddy pig crack open a beer after a crap day of drawing important shapes at the office, nor mummy pig pour a gin after a very strenuous game of Happy Mrs Chicken…

So there we have it. My bug bears with Peppa Pig revealed.

Now to shut the pig up once and for all…if I can’t stick an apple in her mouth to do it, I’ll use a Hannibal mask. The madness cannot continue!!!!

The pig must be silenced….



Life with Baby Kicks
Cuddle Fairy

Britmums Daily Photo challenge: Day 12 – Concrete

Latin concretus, past participle of concrescere ‘grow together’.
Britmums Daily Photo Challenge: Day 12 – Concrete
At first, when I saw today’s word I was like, hmmmm, well, I could use a photo of our extension being built this time last year? But then I thought that might be a bit boring so dug a little deeper.

Upon looking up the definition of concrete, it would appear that (going by the definition above from the Oxford English  Dictionary) it’s past participle in Latin was, concrescere ‘grow together’.

And with that, I came up with this little photo collage to express that…


3 little people. 3 journeys which will begin together and then divide to take their own path, but whatever path they take, I hope they’ll always meet each other somewhere along it…

I’m lucky, really lucky.

I’ve been able to have 3 happy, healthy, little boys who are turning into lovely little people (despite what I often write about… 😉) and I’m so thankful for that.

I count my blessings and even after a ‘bad day’ with them, all is forgiven when you go in and check on them at bedtime and they’re snoozing away all angelically, tucked up safe and sound in their beds (even if that is only for a couple of hours where the toddler is concerned!!)

I love that my boys have each other. They’ll always have a friend, always have an ally, and that’s priceless.

They’re growing so fast, but I’m so glad they’re able to grow together. Siblings are a special thing – even if they do call each other ‘smelly poo poo bum head’ on a daily basis at some point. They’ll thank me when they’re older.

Keep growing together boys. And I’ll try to be there every step of the way to help support you as you go…

Britmums Daily Photo Challenge: Day 10 – Happy

Britmums Daily photo challenge: Day 10


Many things make me happy, make my family happy, so this one was a toughie but I feel that this photo sums the word happy up for me really well. 


Happiness is…

Happiness is; a summers day at home, playing in the paddling pool in the garden with your brothers and then tea ‘al fresco’ (which is a win for me too as it means there’s no mess indoors to clean up! #winning)

Roll on summer…roll on happy sunny days.

Book Day Rebellion…

Only just realising that my kids primary school celebrated world book day a week early by doing it last Thursday…
Now it’s dawned on me, I did think my news feed wasn’t very busy with photos of friends kids dressed up last week (apart from the mum’s from my kids school who all partook in an obligatory photo share of their little ones dressed up in their costumes – as did I).

I think it’s something to do with a whole year group being away on a residential trip at the moment…that or the Head of the school and the Teachers are utter rebels and stuck 2 fingers up to conforming and did it on a day they felt like doing it.

Nothing like teaching your kids to stick it to the man from a young age.
They’ll all be singing “Another brick in the wall” by Pink Floyd in assembly tomorrow….



“We don’t need no, education…” Erm, actually kids, yes you do. I love you all dearly but there’s not a sodding chance you’re living at home forever…get learning so you can get earning!